November 25, 2020

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WOLFENHEART – CasinoSaga – HEROES description

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WOLFENHEART - CasinoSaga Hero


Wolfenheart is all about nobility and honour. He is a true gentleman as well as a fearless warrior. He grew up in the Castle of Hearst with his father being the king of the region. All throughout his upbringing, everyone could hear his constant moaning about the high gaming taxes.

Wolfenheart usually heads out on adventures and loves to tell you about the time he got a hold of a ton of free spins in Egyptian Heroes game after beating the master in the Treasure Pyramids.

Wolfenheart is always up for a challenge and thinks he can master most games, but he has a special love for the Crusade of Fortune game where he can make use of his sword skills and tough armour.

The others rarely see Wolfenheart’s face because he always wears his helmet. He usually shows his beautiful face only during the Casino Olympics to delight the audience.

Favourite game: Crusade of Fortune
Weapon: Steel sword

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