January 23, 2021

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WIN! 100 pairs of Paddy Power lucky pants

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WIN! 100 pairs of Paddy Power lucky pants

PaddyPaower – For all the talk of Mario Gomez and glorious Spanish passing, there’s really been one standout star so far at Euro 2012: Paddy Power’s lucky pants.

If it works for Nicklas Bendtner, it can work for you.

Nicklas Bendtner - WIN! 100 pairs of Paddy Power lucky pants

LUCKY MAN: Nicklas Bendtner shows his real form against Portugal (picture: Getty)

The 24-year-old Arsenal striker wheeled away after scoring his excellent second header against Portugal to reveal that not only has he supreme confidence, but supreme taste in men’s undergarments.

The Paddy Power Blog team weren’t the only ones impressed. Twitter threatened to explode and reports of Scarlett Johansson getting a little moist flooded our SMS inbox.

More importantly, punters demanded to know where they could get their hands, and other bits, on some of these amazing Paddy Power lucky pants.

Well, folks, Paddy’s come up trumps. The Paddy Power Blog has 100 pairs to give away.

To enter, it’s pretty easy.

  • Just tell us WHY you deserve these lucky pants in the comments section (below) of this post                                          (blog -paddypower,com )

That’s the only way to enter this competition. Only the answers which amuse us most will be successful. The Paddy Power Blog team’s decision is final. Simple. Make us laugh. Entrants must be over 18.

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