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What is the Casino Matrix?

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What is the Casino Matrix?
Casino Matrix is an entirely new way to play Casino Games. You are no longer limited to one game at a time. You can control your level of excitement and entertainment. With the Casino Matrix you can play one game, two games or up to four games at the same time. In fact with one button push you can spin up to four different slot games in unison!

How does the Casino Matrix work?
The Casino Matrix is made up of four different portals, as we call them. In each portal is a menu of games. You decide which games you want to play. Just click on a game in that specific menu and it will load into the portal. Once it is loaded you can use the integrated spin button at the bottom of the Casino Matrix to spin the game. You can even see your total bet and balance and easily follow your action.

How do I know what portals the spin button will work with?
As you choose games from the menu and they load in a portal you will see a representation of the matrix (between the spin and auto buttons) that lights up when a portal is activated. This lets you know which portals can use the spin buttons.

Is it possible to change the number of games displayed in the Casino Matrix?
With our intelligent portal functionality you can relax and choose the level at which you want to play. By clicking the one, two or four portal configuration buttons, located at the top of the Casino Matrix by the sound button, you can adjust the layout to meet your gaming needs. Click the single portal button, represented by a single square, to fill the Casino Matrix window with just one game. Hit the two portal button and the screen splits into two portals allowing you the luxury of playing two games at a time. Hit the four portal button and all four portals will be activated within the Casino Matrix for the thrill of maximum play.

How does the Auto button work?
The Auto button allows you to spin all active three or five reel slots simultaneously. When you have clicked on the button it will change to a “Stop” button and the reels will continue to spin until you hit the “Stop” button.

What does the Total Bet window show?
The Total Bet window shows the entire combined bet for any three or five reel slot that is active in the Matrix. This indicates the total amount you are betting on each spin of the Casino Matrix.

What does the Balance window show?
The Balance window shows the total balance available for you to play in the Casino Matrix. For each spin this will decrease or increase depending on the result of your spin.

What does the Bet Max button do?
The Bet Max button allows you to automatically set the maximum bet on all slots (this only affects three and five reel slots) to the maximum number of lines and coins for a specific denomination. Once you have pushed this button you will see on each game that the number of lines and coins changes to the maximum and that the amount in the Total Bet window will increase to its maximum for that denomination. The amount you see in the Total Bet window will be the amount that is deducted from your balance when you click the spin button. As a safety precaution the Bet Max button does not automatically spin the slots, you must do this manually yourself.

What does the Bet Min button do?
The Bet Min button works in a similar way to the Bet Max button but allows you to quickly set the minimum number of coins and retains the maximum number of lines for each slot in the matrix and for the given denomination. This allows you to quickly minimize your bet which will then be displayed in the Total Bet window. The Bet Min button does not automatically spin the reels but just sets the bet level on each game to its lowest. You must manually spin the reels.

Can I open the same game in several portals?
Currently this is not possible. You may only open a game once in the Matrix. Once you open a game the menu will display that specific game as unavailable in the other portal menu systems.

How do I return to the menu once a game has started in a portal?
Once a game has loaded and is available in a portal, a return to menu tab appears at the side of the game. Just click this tab and you will return to the menu and can choose another game if you wish.

Can I turn off the Casino Matrix sound?
Yes. In the upper right hand corner is a sound symbol. By clicking this you can turn off the entire Casino Matrix sound.

These are new games; can I get help in these games?
Yes. Each game has a button with a question mark on it. By clicking this button a new window will open with detailed information on this specific game.

Each game has its own set of buttons. Why?
Having different buttons in each game of the Casino Matrix allows you to customize the Matrix to fit your exact requirements. You can set a bet and coin level of your choice for each game separately and choose whether you want to play only one game at a time. We have created this variety of options to give you maximum flexibility in how you play in the Casino Matrix.

Is it possible to turn off the sound in just one game even though I have several open?
Yes. In each game there is a configuration button that allows additional settings. By clicking this button a window will open, letting you disable the sound for just this game. The setting will be remembered next time you start this game.

How do I close the Casino Matrix?
You close the Casino Matrix as you would any other browser window. Just click the red “X” at the top of the window to close the Matrix.

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