February 27, 2021

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Vinnarum ; Bertil & Mama Mia Christmas promotions 2016

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This year Vinnarum ; Bertil & Mama Mia will be offering a 24 day, interactive Christmas Calendar. Every day will offer a unique promotion for players.



How about surprises like:

– 20 free spins every month in 2017

– Free spins without deposit requirements

– 150% deposit bonuses every week



And much, much more!

The calendars will be visible on the front pages of every site from the 1st of December. Awesome animations and sound effects will greet the players when they discover the daily promotions of the calendar.

We are proud to present 3 super cool Santa Clauses that will help the players to explore this year’s Christmas calendars:

  • Vinnarum´s Lounge Santa. Tradition with a fun edge.
  • Bertil´s Cool Santa. Playful and mischievous. (click here)
  • Mama Mia´s – Fun Santa. Social and chatty. (click here)
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