October 25, 2020

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Unibet – 8 Happy Days Euro 2012

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Unibet - 8 Happy Days Euro 2012

Unibet – 30.05 – Top Goalscorer Refund

We will refund all losing bets made today on the Top Goalscorer “Win” market if Mario Gomez is the tournament’s Top Goalscorer.

Exactly 10 days remain until the start of the UEFA European Football Championship – the biggest sporting event this year! We thought it would be appropriate to warm up and we have 8 Happy Days. Between 30 May and 6 June, every day will be waiting for you a fantastic offer.

Daily at 10:00 Happy Days disclose promotion for the day. So we can not say exactly what we have for you, but be prepared to:

– Special rates increased
– Special facilities for top scorer
– Improved facilities double
– Juicy returns

Warm up with us before the Euro 2012 football promotion of Happy Days!

General Terms & Conditions – Valid for all days of the Promotion
The daily offer applies only to bets placed on markets in the “Happy Days” group of the Sportsbook Lobby.
Offer will not apply to bets placed on markets in the regular “All Football” group or any other group/subgroup.
Each Happy Day promotion will run from 10am CET – 10pm CET.
The first Happy Day is on Wednesday 30th May and the last on Wednesday 6th June.
All “Happy Days” outcomes will be verified on www,uefa.com and the first result declared by UEFA will be used to settle the bets, notwithstanding the match or tournament being shortened, later changes of the official results and/or errors.
There is no minimum/maximum stake needed to qualify for the promotion.
Stakes will be settled or refunds made into accounts within 24 hours of the tournament completing.
The offer applies to both single and multiple bets. In the case of an offer being refunded, the losing part of the multiple will be voided (and considered at odds of 1.00), the accumulative bet however shall remain valid notwithstanding the losing part of the bet being void.
Unibet reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at any time.
The General Unibet terms and conditions apply at all times for this campaign.

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