November 29, 2020

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Tigris – Vindobona region – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

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Tigris- Vindobona region CasinoSaga Boss

Tigris – Vindobona region

Short characteristics:

  • Excellent in: Victorious
  • His treasure: the lion skin hat
  • Personality type: killer
  • Tone of voice: fierce, wild, straight to the point

Long version

Tigris is a wild fighter who comes from a self-sufficient lifestyle. When he came to Saga Islands, he was immediately given a region that he could adapt to his lifestyle. On the Islands he hunts his own fresh food and keeps them in his fortress on Vindobona region. His favorite place for hunting is Shimmering region where his neighbor, Old Betsy, often invites him out for a hunting day.

He is very peaceful with the other habitants of Saga Islands but if anybody defeats him, his animal instinct comes through and he can be very aggressive. When he plays casino games, his fighter attitude pops up and he becomes determined to bring home the victory. He hates loosing in both hunting and casino games. He has a fierce tone of voice that scares most people, and very often he is straight to the point.

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