October 27, 2020

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Thrills Winter Wonderland – Day 10 : Lighting fast Sundays

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Thrills Winter Wonderland



Thrills Winter Wonderland: 


 Day 10 – 21/12 – Lighting fast Sundays
It is Sunday and that means a extra good day for those who are participating in the bonus-o-metre race where each player has €150 or more of hidden treasures + a €5 000 raffle prize waiting. All your achievements during the day will be counted twice as fast. Hit 1 bonus round and it will be counted as 2 instead. We saw Very good activity last Sunday!


Thrills is celebrating 1 year on Friday by releasing the Winter Wonderland calendar.
Our baby is all grown up and to celebrate this we will spice things up all the way until 4th of January.

Alongside with all the daily gifts, there will also be a massive value chipped in to an improved gamification feature for our Bonus-O-Metre, that rewards all players for conquering bonus rounds on Gonzo’s & Jack & the Beanie. Make sure to check it out!

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