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The NordicBet Casino Rewards – how it works

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The New Nordicbet Casino Rewards Program has been created with your best interests in mind. You love the game, you love the thrill and most importantly, you love to be rewarded handsomely. Nothing unusual there. So we’ve got good news for you: Win or lose, you will be rewarded with cash.






And quite simply, the more you play, the more you’ll earn.




You are automatically part of the Casino Reward Program as an existing customer and you can see that the benefits to you are of great value.

How does Nordicbet Casino Rewards work?

The Reward program is based on two different structures – Player Points and Reward Points.

Every penny you play in Casino Games earns you Player Points. At the end of each calendar month your Player Points determine your Casino Reward Program level and most importantly, how many Reward Points you are entitled to.



Sounds a little bit tricky but it’s actually very simple:


The NordicBet Casino Rewards - how it works



Your personal Nordicbet Casino Reward Program level is calculated on the 1st of every month based on your Player Points.We magically convert your Player Points into Reward Points, which you can then use to redeem cash. Extra cash means more money for you to play with in our Casino, another exciting bet in the Sportsbook or entering a cash-filled poker tournament in our Poker Room!

Below you will find a table explaining how many Player Points in a month you are required to earn to reach a certain Reward Program level in the program, and how many Reward Points you have available to exchange for cash.

Member levels

Elite600056000 Player Points x 5 = 30000 Reward Points
Diamond15004.51500 Player Points x 4.5 = 6750 Reward Points
Platinum5004500 Player Points x 4 = 2000 Reward Points
Gold1253125 Player Points x 3 = 375 Reward Points
Silver25225 Player Points x 2 = 50 Reward Points

Every 100 Reward Points exchanged equals €1 (EUR) in Cash. 100 Reward Points is the minimum amount you can cash in.

How to earn Player Points on different casino games?

Player Points are earned when you play for real money on any of the games at Nordicbet Casino. Each type of game wager will contribute differently to earning your Player Points.

Below you can find a simple table showing you how much each game type contributes to earning your 3 Players Points:

Slot machines, Video Slot machines, Lottery Games and Other Games100%
Caribbean Stud50%
Texas Hold’em20%
Roulette (All types), Baccarat (All types), Punto Banco, Oasis Poker10%
Black Jack (All types), Pontoon, Jacks or Better, Video Poker (all types)5%

For example, €100 wagered on Slots will earn you 3 Player Points, since all wagers on slot games contribute 100% towards your points.

Please note that Live Casino play does not contribute towards Player Points.

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