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The Japan Challenge by Casumo

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The Japan Challenge by Casumo casino



The Japan Challenge by Casumo

Win a true Japan Experience



Casumo friends, are you ready? It’s time to compete again in our Casino Challenge. This time we travel all the way to Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. Compete with other players by finishing all the missions with the least amount of spins, and you can win a memorable trip to Tokyo, the bustling capital city.



The Japan Challenge
by Casumo
22 July – 11 August
Anyone with a Casumo
account can join
Levels & top prizes
Japan Trip
ll players who finish
in top 30 win nice cash
prizes. The higher you
rank, the better the prize
Put on your lucky socks, find the best strategies
and outplay your competitors in the exciting
Japan Challenge.
This is how you get started:
an account.
Choose between the Easy, Medium or Hardcore challenge.
Play your favorite games and complete the casino challenge
as many times as you want. Least spins win.
  • Good luck with the Japan Challenge
Progress in the challenge by completing casino missions
•Find the right games to play at right times and gain edge
•The least spins wins
•Finish top 30 and win cash prizes or even a unique Japan
•Guaranteed free spins or super spins along the way
•Play as many times you want
  • The Grand Prize
We offer the winner a true 10-day Japan experience
that they will remember the rest of their life. The trip
•Flights to Japan and back for 2 people
•Accomodation in a luxury hotel in Tokyo
•A camera to immortalize the best moments
•Any special wishes? Tell us and we’ll do our best to
tailor you a trip of a lifetime
Challenges for all levels
There are 3 different challenge
levels: Easy, Medium and
Hardcore. Choose the one
that fits your own bet range.
You can’t change the level
after you’ve chosen it. How
long it takes to complete the
challenge depends on both
strategy and luck
Least spins wins
There are 5 types of missions:
spin 150 times, win x times,
win 5 times in a row, get 2 big
wins and get 3 mega wins.
Completing certain missions
unlocks free spin and super
spin rewards that are lined
up along the way. The ones
who complete all the missions
with least spins win awesome
prizes after the challenge has
The Challenge Leaderboard
The Leaderboard is showing
the current list of players who
have completed the challenge
with the least amount of spins.
It’s updated continuously
as players complete their
challenge. Not happy with
your score? Give it another
go then. You can re-play the
challenge you’ve chosen as
many times you want without
risking your score. Casumo
only counts the best one
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