December 1, 2020

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The Crazy Watermelon – Fruitomania – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

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The Crazy Watermelon- Fruitomania CasinoSaga Boss

The Crazy Watermelon – Fruitomania

Short characteristics
Excellent in: Fruit Case
His treasure: His lemon eyes
Personality type: Achiever.
Tone of voice: loud and funny.

Long version

In reality, the Crazy Watermelon is a normal person who is so deeply in love with fruits that he created himself a watermelon costume, andnever took it off. The Crazy Watermelon is a fruitarian, whose diet consists of 75% fruit. Even though the nutritionists do not recommend this diet, The Crazy Watermelon does not care. He just likes to eat fruits. On the Saga Islands he happily lives in Fruitomania where he is surrounded by fruits.

His biggest treasure is his lemon eyes that he uses to win fights by spraying his foes with the acidic liquid. You neither want to fight him, nor defeat him either in his favorite casino game, the Fruit Case. He has some other games he likes such as the Fruit Shop, but he scores the highest in the Fruit Case.

He is definitely an achiever at the casino games where he loves getting the highest score in everything he does. He is an active Watermelon, always doing something new. He speaks normally very loud and he has a funny voice. He would always try to convince you that there is nothing better than a good mango, or anything that is more fun than playing Fruit Case. Do you agree with him?

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