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SuperNudge 6000 NetEnt slot coming soon to Redbet Casino

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Super Nudge Mac Slot Game, by my favorite of favorites software designers Net Entertainment is a brand new, old-time slot machine game reincarnated in the 2012 info-age. If you sort of liked Mega Joker mac slot and Jackpot 6000 mac slot machine, then you might like the sooopped up, brought-forward version of the same-play style Super Nudge 6000. Check out the graphics on Jackpot 6000 and the new Nudge and see the upgrade in graphics. We are in the decade of 2010 and have capacities that were not there only a few years ago. NetEnt software provider has gained the style and experience (like us players have) of perfecting the day. The lights, buzzes and gadgets are just that much more moving and stimulating. You need to at least give her a trial spin or two for the experience of moving forward in time.

Super Nudge 6000 Mac Slot Game Review


Super Nudge 6000 Mac Slot Game ReviewSuper Nudge 6000 Mac Slot Game ReviewSuper Nudge adds to the machine-slot world a nudge feature, which will tickle your inners all by itself. This is up in the supermeter mode. The Supermeter Mode is a place of honey and bliss the player ascends to once a betline is won down on Earth. There, in the land of milk and honey, you have the choice (nothing like free will and choices) to bet 20, 40 or 60 coins a spin… luck us! The more you bet the more nudges you will have. That is right! I don’t’ studder. (but I do miss-spell) Trust in the mecho-gizmo and get a better chance at coming home with cash. So what is a “nudge”? Well a nudge is a sweet poke from your girlfriend on a Saturday night while no one is looking, with highly erotic undertones. It can also be a new feature on Super Nudge 6000; a trip that shakes more betline wins out of a debunked or mediocre spin. It’s almost as sweet as that first kiss. Once the reels have stopped in the upper supermeter mode the nudges kick in. One nudge is one of the reels moving one space either up or down to effect a winning betline. This is all done automatically. Kind of like you bending over and tasting your sweety-pie. It just happens. Two or three nudges is the very same movement but multiplied by the number of nudges activated. Bet 20 and you receive one nudge. Bet 40 coins and get two nudges. Wager 60 coins and the player receives the max of 3 nudges. Your chances of wining with 3 nudges rather than 1 increases dramatically…. exponentially. I wouldn’t imagine myself only placing a 20-coin wager in the upper super mode if I had the bucks available. Besides there is a better chance of getting a mystery win with 3 crowns showing.

So Check out the 2012 version of a slot machine called Super Nudge it’s smooth as silk in a Mac. And don’t let the small details escape you. When it is played in daylight hours the café window shows a skyline (over the Motel sign) that is sunny, with birds filling the sky, but what about at night? Check it out. This baby is updated and for reel. take your sweety and have a coffee on me. Tell’m BigMac sent you. The restroom is in the back on the right.

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