October 28, 2020

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StarGames – 4 Reel Kings™ slot

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StarGames Book Of Ra bonus



StarGames – 4 Reel Kings™ slot

4 Reel Kings™ = 4 chances to win! With 4 Reel Kings™ 20 reels spin on 4 slots which make your chances of big winnings soar!

You can really cash in when the right combinations land on the 20 win lines. If the money bag appears on all lines, then you’ll make a tidy profit!

The Reel Kings have even more win chances for you: These mini-slots appear randomly or when all of the letters of the words of the slot title ‘Reel King’ light up within one game. Up to 5 Reel Kings pay out every time that you land 3 ‘7’ symbols. And that’s not all: All Reel Kings pay between 5 and 500 times your stake!

Seize your 4-fold win chance and let the reels spin!

Game start

This slot machine has 20 pay lines. A win line is a line which runs across the reels. They can run horizontally, diagonally or zigzag. When you place a bet on a win line, then you have ‘activated’ it. You win on a slot machine when a winning combination lands on an activated pay line.

Directly after entering 4 Reel Kings™ select the amount you would like to play with for the whole game. You can now adjust your stake with the ‘+ / -’ symbols. You can start the individual spins with the ‘Start’ button, the ‘Autostart’ button starts the spins automatically, and clicking the ‘Stop’ button ends the automatic process.


Use the ‘Paytable’ button to go to the winnings overview. You can automatically see here the potential prizes based on the size of your bet.


Double or nothing: The ‘Gamble’ button will appear as soon as you have a winning combination (see Payable). With the Gamble-Game you have the possibility to double your winnings. Your winning odds are 50:50. If you would like to gamble, simply press the ‘Gamble’ button and start the ‘Gamble game’. If you do not want to gamble, just press the ‘Bank’ button.

Reel King Feature

With the Reel King-feature you can grab some extra winnings with 4 Reel Kings™ Up to 5 Reel Kings can randomly appear on the reels after each spin; or the Reel Kings can appear when all of the letters of the words ‘4 Reel’ in the slot machine title are lit up. They work like little slot machines with 3 reels and 4 symbols (the ‘7’ in 3 three different colours and the diamond symbol) You start the Reel Kings with the ‘Start’ or ‘Autostart’ button. Any combination of 3 ‘7’ symbols wins and gives you different win amounts depending on the colour combination. If you land a diamond combination then that Reel King ends. You can play the Reel Kings until all of the mini-slots have been eliminated through the diamond symbols.



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