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Spiffx – Signup now and get €10 free

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Spiffx – Signup now and get €10 free


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Spiffx is the worlds leading alternative betting exchange, where you can profit if the odds go your way.
Try our SPIFFINDEX, and bet
on both pre-play and in-play.
Exchange your betting universe.

Sign up now and get € 10 free!

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We believe that the sports betting market is poised to change.The market itself will set the prices, and that the future of the sports betting market will revolve around securing prices & hedging risks. We have created a marketplace with advanced tools to allow traders to automatically take advantage of market price movements. We believe in a new universe of sports betting possibilities


Terms and Conditions for the Free10 bonus:
– Bonus is available only for new customers at Spiffx.
– A minimum of €10 must be wagered (matched) on SpiffIndex.
– The bonus can be used to play immediately. To withdraw the bonus, deposits are required to identify the bank account and confirm that it is held by the player.
– Deposits and turnover on SpiffIndex must be equal or above the withdrawal amount.
– The full bonus amount must be wagered (matched) at least once.
– One account per person is allowed. The general Spiffx Terms & Conditions apply.
– Spiffx reserves the right to block withdrawals if misuse of bonus is suspected and to remove the bonus if not used within 1 month.
– The maximum bonus amount is €10.

HOW TO BET – How Spiffindex works




Spiffindex is a game where you predict the result of the match and whether the odds (price) will move over or under the market price (index). The product can be used to price hedge/secure an already taken bet or it can be used to speculate in odds’ movements. You can also put your own prices (selling) with reversed earnings/winnings.




When buying Spiffindex your risk will only be the stake that you’re wagering. If you’re selling odds, you are betting that the odds will be equal or move in another direction. The risk will be larger and undefined before the event kicks off. However, in abnormal odds movements the bet is auto-settled with a maximum risk. The maximum risk exposure is deducted from the amount available to bet.

HOW TO BET – How Spiffindex works

Event information

At the top-bar in the trading-screen there is information about the event (teams), date and start time.

How To Bet:

Chose a selection (team)

Start by choosing a selection: Home, Away or Draw. If you are buying choose the selection that you think will happen. If you are selling choose the selection that you think will not happen.

Check the Index

Index is the calculated market price that you’re betting against. The market price is based on various odds’ sources. These sources are used to calculate a market index, called Spiffindex. If Spiffx is unable to get information from these sources to establish Spiffindex, Spiffx will decide the closing index based on the rules set out in the terms and conditions.

Decide on the Price Movement: Over/Under

Use the SpiffIndex to predict the movement of the odds. If you believe that the price will move you have to decide -whether it will move over or under the Index and place your bet accordingly. For In-Play matches the price prediction is for a timeframe of 5minutes. For Pre-Play matches the price prediction relates to the time before the game kicks off.

Make your order/bet: Buy/Sell

Click on a selection and choose under/over. Type in the amount you want to bet from the available price (if you are buying) or make your own price (if you are selling).

HOW TO BET – How Spiffindex works 2015


BUY a selection if you think it will happen. Chose UNDER if you believe the Index will go below the buy price or OVER if you believe it will go above the buy price. If you use the buy option you need to select the winning selection (Home, Away or Draw) and predict if the Index will be over/under your price. Both outcomes must be fulfilled to win. When buying, your loss is limited to your stake. If you are right your stake will be multiplied by the number of points the price index has moved from the buying price. Maximum winning is based on dynamic price steps. Check the profit table before confirming your order. For example you select home team and buy €100 at odds 1,38. Index price is 1,40. So if home team wins and the price decreases to 1,30 you will win €700 (8 points * €100 stake – €100 stake). If home team wins and the price is above 1,38 you will lose your stake. If home team doesn’t win, you will lose your stake even if the price is below 1,38.


SELL a selection if you believe it will not happen. Chose UNDER if you believe the Index will be above or equal to sell price. Chose Over if you believe the Index will be below or equal to sell price. One OR both outcomes can be fulfilled to win. If you are right you win the stake. If you are wrong your stake will be multiplied by the number of points the price index has moved from the selling price. For example if index price is 1,40 and you offer home team to win and price under 1,38 you believe that the price will be above 1,38 and that home team will not win. If home team wins and the price is 1,30 and your stake is €100 you will lose €700 (stake €100*8 points – €100). If home team wins but the price is above 1,38 you will win 100 €. If home team loses and the price is 1,30 you will win €100.




When selling you must keep in mind that generally prices will be matched only if the risk/reward for the buyer is good enough. As obvious as it might sound, prices are usually matched only when they are in a range that the buyer is willing to accept.

Check your profitability.

Before confirming the order you can view the profit table to make sure that the projected wins/losses match your expectations.

HOW TO BET – How Spiffindex 2015 works

Use the Sandbox to check and maximise your profits.


Use the Sandbox to understand what effect your bets would give you if they occur. Choose the team you wish to bet on by clicking on their name on the top bar of the Sandbox. Try different bets by placing them in the toolbar ‚Place sandbox order’. The upper diagram ‚Spiffindex’ shows you the odds movement and by pointing with the arrow pointer on the blinking dot you will see the current index. The lower diagram ‚Outcome’ shows you how your outcome would rise by every correct point in your bet. You can also click on the box ‚Show outcome’ above the Spiffindex diagram to see how big your chances of winning are if your bet occurs. All outcomes on the green section will make you win and the red section shows you the outcome that will make you lose with the bet you place.

Confirm your order

Click on the ‚Confirm’ button to confirm your order. Spiffx




spiffx lobby

Spiffx operates a marketplace for professional users to manage price- and risk strategies dealing with odds. The marketplace offers instruments to hedge price (Spiffindex) and to hedge risk (Darkpool). It is available through the web but can also be accessible through a technical interface (API) which facilitates automated trading.

Spiffindex basic fundamentals are to take advantage of the trading element dealing with odds i.e lay and back. Using Spiffindex the difference between a lay and a back can be obtained using only a small amount of the underlaying bet to achieve the same result.

spiffx sign up 10 free

Darkpool functionality is based on proven exchange terminology including lay and back but with a hidden order depth. Communicating through the API also allows multisource orders and script based intelligent order types.

Spiffx.com is operated by Spiffx Malta Ltd, a Maltese company with registration number C58116 and registered address at 85. St. John Street, Valletta VLT1165, Malta. Spiffx Malta Ltd. is regulated and operates under Licence no. LGA/CL3/851/2012 issued by Malta’s Lotteries and Gaming Authority on the 26th of April, 2013.

The Spiffx group is a Swedish based technology company specializing in price- and risk management for odds.

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