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Sabrina – CasinoSaga – HEROES description

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SABRINA - CasinoSaga Hero


Sabrina is a young sorcerous who grew up living with her mother in the Devil’s Gate region. Her mother is a magician and taught her all her tricks, which are especially valuable in the Devil’s Delight and Mythic Maiden games.

Sabrina is quite cheeky and has a bit of dark humour. Although she does not have many friends, the ones she has are very close and dear to her.

She tends to stick to her group at all times and will do anything for them to win. She is always travelling with her black cat that sometimes whispers in her ear when playing. No one knows what the cat is actually saying and Sabrina will never tell you either, but after a big win it usually appears on her screen.

Favourite game: Devil’s Delight Weapon: Magic stick

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