November 29, 2020

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Roaring Ralph – Frozen Cove – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

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Roaring Ralph- Frozen Cove CasinoSaga Boss

Roaring Ralph – Frozen Cove

Short characteristics

  • Excellent in: Icy Wonders
  • His treasure: his friends, the seals and penguins
  • Personality type: Explorer
  • Tone of voice: loud, strong, straight to the point. He gets easily frustrated.

Long version

Roaring Ralph is a polar bear that swam a long distance in search of a welcoming community where he could live forever and play his favorite casino games. After meeting Betser on Saga Islands, Ralph roared so loud that even Betser got scared. From that moment on, he was called “Roaring Ralph” and Betser offered him an area on the Island that he could build to suit his own tastes. It became, of course, covered by snow igloos and became populated by some of Ralph’s closest friends, mostly seals and penguins.

After Roaring Ralph had played casino games on Saga Islands for a while, he managed to get one of the highest scores in Icy Wonders. When he plays casino games, Roaring Ralph shows his explorer side, meaning that he loves to know every trick and discover every corner. He roars extremely loud and gets easily frustrated.

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