November 25, 2020

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Redbet Casino Winners

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Here is an update on some of our RedBet Casino Red Winners. Will you be the next person to get your name on the list?

  • €11,394 on Fruit Case

2012-10-03 In super long 50 free spin round on Fruit Case that also witnessed 57 additional avalanche extra spins, Kari from Finland won in total €11,394!!!


  • €7,547 after the longest free spin round ever!

2012-09-27 Adnan from Sweden now officially holds the record for the longest free spin round ever: one round on Victorious lasted for 100 free spins! Nice side benefit for Adnan: it also made him by €7,547 richer!


  • €4,954 – Big fistfull of Dollars on Dead or Alive!

2012-09-24 A lucky player from South Africa won a big pile of silver dollars on Dead or Alive with a bet of just €1,80! In one free spin round he was collecting more and more sticky wilds and that together with the 2x multiplier made him €4,954!


  • Jackpot 6000 – and €6,000 go to … Norway

2012-09-21 Norwegian players seem to have a monopoly on winning big on Jackpot 6000 – this time Andreas from Oslo bagged the €6,000 jackpot. In total he won over €8,600 on this slot that day.


  • Massive Win: €28.800 with just one Hand!

2012-09-18 This hand started well énd ended even better: Julian from the UK got dealt a Full House while playing 5H Jacks or Better. After that was all or nothing for him: he quadrupled the initial win of €450 over and over again. Three times in a row he picked hearts and every time hearts came. In the end he won the amazing amount of €28.800!


  • €10,500 at Blackjack

2012-09-16 During a long session at the Blackjack table, Fon from Sweden went eventually for the high stakes and won over €10,500!


  • Alien Robots – 243 bet lines lead the way to €12,000!

2012-09-12 It proved to be a wise move of Per to activate all these 243 bet lines on Alien Robots – with only one single spin he won €9,188! In total our player from Norway cashed in over €12,000 on that day.


  • Another Big Win on Fruit Case – €16,639!

2012-09-09 Katri came back for some more juice squeezin’. In one free spin round on Fruit Case she landed a win of over €9,650! In total on that day she made another juicy €16,639!


  • €21,800 – Fruit Case goes Bananas!

2012-09-04 The slot Fruit Case was certainly not a lemon for a player from Finland. In one long free spin round alone with loads of nice multipliers, Katri won €19,000! In total she managed to squeeze over €21,800 out of this slot.


  • €9,436 – Raija wins big on Jack Hammer 2

2012-09-03 In just one free spin round with loads of wilds Raija cashed in €5,145 on Jack Hammer 2. On that day the Swedish player won in total €9,436!


  • €5,130 – Another Big Win on Jack Hammer 2

2012-09-06 In a long free spin round on Jack Hammer 2, in which a well placed wild symbol helped to link up 5 Jack Hammer symbols, Timo from Finland won in total €5,130.


  • €4,700 on Fruit juice

2012-09-03 Katri surely liked them apples: with plenty of avalanches with winning multipliers of up to 8 times, our Finnish player won over €4,275 on Fruit Case


  • Over €4,000 on Devils Delight!

2012-08-24 In an extra long free spin round, that also witnessed the unique soul reaper bonus game, Mikael from Sweden won €4,110 on the slot Devil’s Delight.


  • Jackpot 6000 all the way!

2012-08-20 Four days in a row the slot Jackpot 6000 was being emptied again and again by a player from Norway. Arne was practically milking this slot, winning several thousands each day – and in total €25,000!

  • €7,400 on Starburst and Supernudge!

2012-08-13 After Veronika won some €1,500 start capital with Starburst, she went on to the slot 6000 Supernudge. Which turned out to be a smart move: the Norwegian player lined up 3 Dollar symbols and won almost €6,000!


  • Vegard is the King of Chicago!

2012-08-13 Vegard from Norway was dealt an amazing hand on the card slot Kings of Chicago: his Royal Flush made him over €10,000.


  • €80,000 Mega Jackpot on Mega Joker!

2012-08-04 Oskar from Sweden surely couldn’t believe his eyes first when he hit the jackpot on Mega Joker. And not just any jackpot, but a colossal €80,000 one!! And all that with a bet of just €2!


  • €11,285 bounty on Dead or Alive

2012-08-04 One spin on Dead or Alive was all it took! Olli from Finland got 5 scatter symbols and the silver dollars just kept piling up, totaling €11,285!


  • €19,200 on Jacks or Better!

2012-07-31 UK player Julian was lucky enough to start off with a Flush on 5H Jacks or Better – he then quadrupled his intial win of €300 three times in a row and walked off with €19,200


  • €13,000 for our lucky iPad winner!

2012-07-27 Our lucky winner of the recent iPad competition Tobias won in total 13,000€ on 5H Jacks or Better. In between his Jacks or Better sessions he unwound with a couple of spins on Kings on Chicago, which earned him another €2,000!

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