November 29, 2020

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Pshycadelia – Blingville – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

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Pshycadelia- Blingville CasinoSaga Boss

Pshycadelia – Blingville

Short characteristics

  • Excellent in: Funky 70s
  • Her treasure: the rollers
  • Personality gamer: Socializer
  • Tone of voice: frightening voice. “can do” attitude.

Long version

Pshycadelia moved to Saga Islands from America because she enjoys the casino lovers’ community that lives here. She has an outgoing personality and easily got along with the Saga Islands’ habitants. She became one of the bosses due to her strength and firm voice. When she speaks, everyone listens. She also stands out for her “can do” attitude that was an important factor when Betser considered her as one of the bosses.

Even though there is no one that can beat her in the Funky 70s game, she still enjoys playing it and competing with others. She adores having many friends around and roller-skating with them. She never takes off her rollers and she would get crazy if she was to ever loose them.

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