January 17, 2021

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Polish Football League “Ekstraklasa” launches the streaming platform of live match

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Ekstraklasa S.A. starts with its largest technology project – its own OTT (Over The Top) platform. In view of the increasing popularity of websites that allow watching TV series, movies and TV shows online, football is an innovation, and the Ekstraklasa platform is one of the first projects of this type. The new streaming service and Ekstraklasa.TV application is to be a source of revenue for the league for years, a way to reach fans around the world and a brand building tool.


Changes in the media market are inevitable. We are already trying to think about how the preferences of broadcasters and supporters will shape in five or even ten years. We want to be strategically and technologically prepared to optimally use all these possibilities and provide our fans with the best product – in a convenient, easily accessible way – explains Marcin Animucki, President of the Management Board of Ekstraklasa S.A. – This is our most important technological project, because it gives completely new opportunities when it comes to league coverage in the world, direct contact with fans, understanding their expectations and commercialization of foreign media rights. This platform is an important element of the brand building strategy and confirms Ekstraklasa’s place among the most innovative football leagues in Europe – adds Marcin Animucki.


Ekstraklasa.TV is primarily the ability to watch live broadcasts of matches with Polish match commentary. They are available in countries not covered by the exclusive licenses of television stations, i.e. outside of Poland, where licenses were purchased by nc + and TVP and the Balkans, with the rights to show matches by Planet Sport. Viewers abroad – Polonia, people on foreign trips or fans of Polish football from other countries – can watch the broadcasts of matches for a fee. The system allows you to buy access to the selected match (Pay Per View) at EUR 2.99, as well as watch the broadcast of all matches of PKO Bank Polski Ekstraklasa as part of a monthly or season subscription, for EUR 6.99 and EUR 49.99, respectively . In the first month, as part of the promotion, you can watch match broadcasts abroad for free (in the popular “Try & Buy” model).

Other content, including all materials published in the country, is free and available after logging in. Among others Several minutes after each match, fans can watch shortcuts and the most interesting actions from the meeting on the Ekstraklasa.TV application. They also have access to league news and various types of video materials from the current and previous season’s games. The service is compatible with Chromecast and Airplay, devices thanks to which the image from the phone can be displayed on the TV screen

On the Ekstraklasa.TV platform, fans will find video resources that allow them to follow the games on a regular basis, and in addition to premium content, the site also features various types of summaries and clips. The database, which will grow every month, can be viewed by searching for recordings by any entries, including club names or player names. In addition, we will soon introduce the possibility of commenting on matches live by fans, e.g. youtubers who will receive accreditation. We will be improving and expanding the service. We want him to be friendly and provide quality knowledge and entertainment to all football fans with a few clicks – comments Leszek Miklas, CEO of Ekstraklasa Live Park.

It is the league production company – Ekstraklasa Live Park – responsible for the Polish implementation of OTT. Provides all video content and cooperates with the platform developer. It is OZ Sports – a technology company with representative offices in Scandinavia, South America, Miami and London, which specializes in football projects, sports productions and global sharing. He works for CONCACAF (Football Confederation of North, Central America and the Caribbean), the Dominican League and the highest women’s football league in Sweden. OZ Sports also participated in the creation of online video services for BBC (BBC iPlayer) and SKY (Sky by Wire).

Although many sports organizations declare their willingness to launch streaming services, so far only few have fulfilled their announcements. This move was decided by UEFA, which launched its OTT platform just a few weeks ago. In addition to international competitions, the Federation also provides video materials of the Bundesliga. This spring also launched the OTT platform of the Spanish La League. Video content through their own streaming services is provided by, among others American NBA and NHL.

Ekstraklasa.TV platform is available in Polish, and will soon work in English. Modifications are introduced on an ongoing basis, and additional functionalities will be systematically launched. The service can currently be used in the browser version at ekstraklasa.tv and test in a mobile application (first on iOS and then Android), and in the next few months the platform can be installed on Smart TV and Apple TV. Ekstraklasa is one of the technologically leading leagues in Europe. Over the past two years, it has invested PLN 30 million in such projects. As one of the first in Europe, it purchased its own production cars (OB Van and 4K) and introduced the 4K Ultra HD HDR transmission standard, uses the tracking system – TRACAB ™ and fitness data statistics. She also organized Ekstraklasa Games – the largest FIFA tournament in history in Poland and introduced an innovative league mobile application on a European scale. Our own OTT platform is another Ekstraklasa project with an innovative character.


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