December 3, 2020

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Poisenous Sarah – Mythical Valley – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

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Poisenous Sarah- Mythical Valley CasinoSaga Boss

Poisenous Sarah – Mythical Valley

Short characteristics

  • Excellent in: Fortune Teller
  • Her treasure: Her magic cards
  • Personality type: Explorer
  • Tone of voice: a mysterious, deep evil voice.

Long version

Poisenous Sarah is a famous fortuneteller. All her skills she owes to her great-grandmother who taught her every trick she knew. She comes from a Middle Eastern gypsy community where she lived a nomadic lifestyle until she found a stable place on the Saga Islands.

It is not so long ago when she started to play casino games, but due to her unique power, she quickly became the best at the Fortune Teller game. As an explorer, she likes to travel around and play with Cleosaga.
Her voice is ‪unmistakable‬; everybody can recognize her mysterious, deep, clairvoyant voice.

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