January 17, 2021

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Play Betsson 6 and Win €1 000 000 cash Champions League

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Play Betsson6 and Win €1 000 000 cash Champions League


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Correctly predict the correct score of 6 games to win €1 000 000 cash

Entry is free for all players who have placed a bet of €10 or more this week.

Wytypuj wyniki Ligi Mistrzów i wygraj 4.000.000 PLN z Betsson 6


Competition Rules:

  • 1. Betsson 6 Competition (the Competition) is a promotional campaign that gives Betsson.com customers the chance to win a cash prize of €1 000 000(or 10 000 000 SEK/ 10 000 000 NOK/ 4000000 PLN/ 1 000 000 USD) (the Prize).
  • 2. The Prize is awarded to a customer who correctly predicts the final scores in ALL six Betsson 6 fixtures (i.e. matches selected by Betsson.com) in a relevant week. Final score means the official result after the full match is finished regardless of any subsequent disqualification or amendment to the result.
  • 3. This is an ‘all-or-nothing’ competition meaning there is no Prize (or any other winnings, for that matter) for the customer who predicts the most matches correctly; customers must correctly predict all 6 scores of that week’s fixtures to win the Prize.
  • 4. To be eligible to enter the Competition, the customer needs to have a registered Betsson.com account and have placed a bet of €10/$10/100 NOK/100 SEK/40 PLN between the end of the previous week’s competition round and the start of the current week’s round. In the case that there has been no competition in the past 30 days a bet of €10/$10/100 NOK/100 SEK/40 PLN must have been placed in the past 7 days to be eligible to participate and so have a chance to win the Prize. Entry in the Competition is free for eligible customers.
  • 5. The Betsson 6 competition is only available to registered Betsson.com customers from Sweden, Poland, Norway, Finland, Germany, Peru, Mexico, Chile, Iceland and the Netherlands. All entries from customers from other jurisdictions will be disqualified.
  • 6. Only one Competition entry per customer (or per registered email) per week round is allowed.
  • 7. Eligible customers may enter the Competition by placing their predictions via the dedicated page https://promotions.betsson.com/betsson6/en/. The winning customer and his/her account must remain in compliance with Betsson.com general Terms & Conditions (as an example only: if a customer is deemed to have won the Prize, Betsson.com will need to identify the customer in compliance with applicable anti-money laundering regulations and this obligation stems from Betsson.com general T&Cs).
  • 8. If there are two or more customers who have correctly predicted the score of all fixtures in a given week’s round, the Prize will be split equally amongst those players.
  • 9. If Betsson has reasonable grounds to believe that multiple accounts have been opened by or are under the control of the same person and entries have been made from such accounts, all such accounts will be closed and all entries will be disqualified from participating in the Competition and receiving any prizes. Any customers found tampering with their or another customer’s selections, hacking the Betsson.com system or fraudulently processing or changing their own predictions will be disqualified from the Competition.
  • 10. The Competition closes before kickoff of the first game of given week round as detailed above. After and entry is submitted no changes can be made to predictions.
  • 11. Your entry with your predictions will be sent to your registered email. Customers should make sure to save this e-mail since Betsson.com are not going to be able to provide the customers’ predictions until after the last fixture in that week’s round is finished. An entry, even if confirmed via email by Betsson.com, will nevertheless be deemed void if the eligibility requirements in section 4 are not met.
  • 12. If any fixture is postponed, abandoned or not completed, the fixture will be considered void. If only five fixtures are completed during any Competition round the Prize will be decreased to €10,000. If 4 or less of the Betsson 6 fixtures of a particular week is played, the entire Competition round that week is voided.
  • 13. Competition winners will be notified by email and phone. The winning customer or customers will have the prize money issued into their betting account over a period of 30 Days from the end of the relevant Competition round.
  • 14. Betsson.com takes no responsibility for any taxes or taxation requirements related to or in connection with the Prize, including but not limited to withholding any taxes from the Prize, meaning that the winning customer alone is responsible for payment of any income, withholding or other taxes due on the Prize, if any.
  • 15. In entering the Competition, you understand and agree to take part in all post competition publicity which may be featured on Betsson Group’s websites, blogs and social media pages or other media as selected by Betsson. You agree to the use of your full name and image for such publicity. You also agree to attend, at Betsson’s cost if applicable, post Competition publicity events which may include media interviews, events and/or publicity photo shoots. Accordingly, the customers grant Betsson.com the right to use their name, character, photograph, voice and likeness in connection with the Competition and the Prize and for future reasonable promotion and marketing purposes and waive any claims to royalty, right or remuneration for such use.
  • 16. No Betsson Group employees or their family or household members, or any staff employed by any of the agencies or third parties involved in organising this Competition or otherwise, can participate in the Competition.
  • 17. In any dispute relating to the Competition, Betsson.com’s decision is final and any ruling made by Betsson.com shall not be subject to review or appeal by the customer or by any third party.
  • 18. By entering the Competition, customers agree to be bound by and adhere to these Competition Rules. If there are any inconsistencies in translated versions of these Competition Rules, the English version shall prevail.
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