January 24, 2021

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PAF – World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters 2012 – Prague

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PAF – World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters 2012 – Prague

Are you a Sit ‘n’ Go Master?

Why not take the chance of snagging the title? The fourth annual World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters (WSM)* will be held on 27 – 30 November in the fairytale city of Prague. The event features a €2,200 main event, a €550 side event and a €120 turbo bounty game.

The annual World Sit ‘n’ Go Masters brings an exciting game and prestige to a poker format that is traditionally not well represented on the live tournament circuit. Package includes:

•    A €2,200 main event, a €550 side event and a €120 turbo
•    Tournament Venue: Kings Casino
•    Tournament Start Date: 27.11
•    Travel Money: €400
•    Hotel: Corinthia Hotel
•    Hotel Dates: Check-in 27.11, Check-out 1.12
•    Welcome Party: TBA

How to Qualify and Win

Paf will run three qualifiers for this great event on 19 September, 10 October and 31 October. Two additional packages will be awarded in Paf’s Gold Rush ranking in September and October.

Climb to the top of the pile to claim the title of World Sit ‘n’ Go Master.

Location, location, location

Perched on a crest of the famed nine hills with spectacular views of the old city is the dazzling Corinthia Hotel and King’s Casino Prague. From this vantage point you have an outstanding opportunity to explore one of the most incredible cities on Earth whilst living in the lap of luxury at your hotel. It is easy to see why Prague is a World Heritage Site when you consider that over 1,000 years of architecture is on display.

If culture isn’t your cup of tea, Prague’s nightlife will take up the gauntlet for your attention. Go to a local pub and have a beer – and remember that you have to let them know when to stop serving you beer. In the pubs of Prague the custom is to serve the patron with beer until he says stop. Or if beer doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not try an Absinthe or Zlaté koktejly (golden cocktails) and soak up the local history in Prague.

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