October 24, 2020

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PAF – What’s so special with the “Wonders” slot machines?

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PAF – What’s so special with the “Wonders” slot machines? 

Have you wondered what’s so special with all the Wonders slot machines? Why does it seem that slot machines with titles including “Wonders” pop up everywhere online? Do all the Wonders slot machines have something in common, or is it a mere coincidence that their titles are so alike?
Why are Wonders so wonderful?

The word “wonders” is a synonym for “miracles”, which refers to something that is rare and extraordinary. Online we find three Wonders slots called Geisha Wonders, Tiki Wonders and Icy Wonders, and there are several different theories on what makes the three slots so phenomenal. With such a promising title they must be, mustn’t they? Is it the sound effects or their brilliant themes? Or is it something else that makes these games so eminently playable?


The common denominator

You would first believe that it is only the word “wonders” that connects the slots, as their themes are very unlike. Geisha Wonders is all about Geishas and the Geisha culture, Tiki Wonders is about living on a paradise island drinking coconut drinks, while Icy Wonders introduces you to the ice cold world of the Arctic penguins. But when you look closely at the slot machines you will soon realise that there is more than just one common denominator. All slot machines are video slots from NetEnt, each of them has five spinning reels, 30 pay lines and the same kind of functionality in terms of free spins and wild symbols. Then of course it is the linked jackpot.

Progressive jackpots

The linked jackpot shares the same progressive jackpot with all the Wonders slots. This means that you can win the same growing jackpot whether you play Geisha Wonders, Tiki Wonders or Icy Wonders. Don’t get it? Let’s say you win the jackpot of Geisha Wonders, then the jackpot will be reset on all Wonders slot machines. Moreover, if the value of the Geisha Wonders jackpot increases, it will grow just as big in the two other slots!

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