October 22, 2020

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PAF Poker just got more exciting

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PAF Poker just got more exciting 


If you thought poker was a fun, fast-paced, tense but exciting game then be prepared to double the excitement with Paf’s variation on the classic card game, which pits you against opponents, and the clock.

The so-called Survivor Tournaments will see you play against others, plus you will have a limited time to make your decisions. Only the coolest customers will survive, but the thrill is worth all that tension.

There is an indicator to show what your status is. When the light on your table shows ‘danger’ and the clock runs out, the game is over.

You can play this type of poker if you are a novice or a seasoned professional. In fact, Paf is committed to welcoming even the most casual of players. In July 2013, the online poker professionals teamed up with the Microgaming Poker Network to help new players learn the rules of the game.

Novice players are given guidance on how to play and have access to instructional videos so they can learn the basics before playing for real.

Herbert Paradis, head of poker at Paf, said: “Beginners should be able to learn to play poker at their own pace and on a suitable level together with their poker peers.”

Paf director Anders Wiklund suggested that its poker software should offer “a friendly place for hanging out and having fun with friends”.

Clearly committed to making the game as fun as possible, Paf also offers its customers the chance to win just by sitting at the same table as the person who takes home the jackpot.

There are two games you can play at Paf that offer this – Bad Beat Jackpot and New Heart Poker.

It only costs two cents per hand to take part, which is a small investment for potentially big rewards.

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