January 16, 2021

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PAF More than 12.7 million euros in Mega Fortune!

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PAF More than 12.7 million euros in Mega Fortune!

The main prize in the slots game Mega Fortune is now the biggest jackpot in the history of online  gaming. We are looking at a new world record when someone wins the jackpot of close to 13 million euros. The odds say that the most likely date is in the New Year.

The current world record for online gaming jackpots was made a little more than a year ago in the online slots game Mega Fortune. The main jackpot in the same game is now even bigger than the previous one, but is still waiting to be won by someone.

At the moment the jackpot is a little over 12.7 million euros and continues to grow.
The jackpots in Mega Fortune is on average won every 117 days. The current jackpot has accumulated over187 days.

Paf players win big
Lately our customers have been pampered with great jackpots. During the last year, the we have paid out two large wins of 6.9 and 8.6 million euros, which are the world’s second and third largest jackpots won online.

Here are the odds for when the current jackpot in Mega Fortune will be won:
When will someone next win the big jackpot on Mega Fortune?

Before 25 December 2012:  2.75
26-31 December 2012:  4.00
1 January 2013 or later:   2.00

Facts about odds
Lower odds give less prize money, but also mean winning is more likely.
For example, odds of 3.00 mean that you will receive three times your stake back if you bet on the correct outcome

And here is the slots game Mega Fortune at PAF

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