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PAF Millionrun jackpot of €1.000.000

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PAF Millionrun jackpot of €1.000.000


PAF Millionrun  jackpot of €1.000.000

Have you heard about Millionrun – the social lottery for good causes?
Millionrun is an online lottery that has strong built-in social features, connecting you with your friends. The more friends you have in your network, the better your chances are to win.

Join now for the chance to win the jackpot of €1.000.000 and counting!

 Choose your ticket type

There’s only one Millionrun lottery but three types of tickets. They have the same chance to win the jackpot and share the same paytable but last for different time periods.

7 Draws (7×1€)

Subscription available

This ticket is valid for seven days. We hold a daily draw at 21.00 CET.

4 Draws (4×1€)

Subscription available

This ticket is valid for four weeks. We hold a draw at 21.00 CET every Saturday.

Do you like your lottery quick and easy? Then Fast ticket could be for you. We hold a Fast ticket draw every 15 minutes.

 Paytable – Same for all ticket types

5+2 correctJACKPOT
5+1 correct20 000.00 €
5+0 correct5 000.00 €
4+2 correct1 000.00 €
4+1 correct200.00 €
4+0 correct100.00 €
3+2 correct50.00 €
3+1 correct5.00 €
3+0 correct5.00 €
2+2 correct5.00 €
2+1 correct1.00 €
2+0 correct1.00 €
1+2 correct1.00 €
0+2 correct1.00 €
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