October 22, 2020

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PAF €3.5m Jackpot win to Finnish player

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Just moments past midnight on January 18th, a Finnish customer hit the €3.5 million jackpot in the Mega Fortune Dreams game.

I can tell you that we haven’t slept a wink last night

The lucky winner was spending a relaxing night at home in Central Finland playing Mega Fortune Dreams, at PAF when at 00:13 she suddenly hit the tax free €3.5m jackpot.

‘I can tell you that we haven’t slept a wink last night’, sighs the astounded winner, who is in her early sixties. ‘We’ve spent the night with my husband talking and going over this ‒ it’s just unbelievable’, she continues. ‘And the funny thing is, I’ve always had such bad luck in this game before!’

‘Now we are going to take it slow and go on a small vacation that was planned ages ago. But we’ll certainly find plenty of uses for this money’, the 62-year-old winner says.

Congratulations to our newest big winner!

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