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Paf Casino “Golden Days” 21.01.2014-30.01.2014

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Paf Casino “Golden Days” 21.01.2014-30.01.2014

Kick off the New Year with a bang on Paf Casino where you will find free challenges every day between 21/1 and 30/1. The campaign “Golden Days” lasts for 10 days during which there will be a lot of golden awards handed out, including 2 Las Vegas trips and 10 thrilling cash prizes worth 100 Euros each!

No matter how wild and crazy your New Year’s Eve celebrations were; there is always time for a trip to Las Vegas! Most of us also have plenty of room for some extra cash in our thin wallets, which of course are on the light side thanks to the Christmas period and the tempting January sales. To counteract this, Paf Casino has organized the Golden Days campaign with extra generous prizes for all of their members.

Golden Days is a kind of a lottery that takes place in the virtual goldmine of Paf Casino. The gold mine is open for Paf’s members and it’s completely free to enter. By logging in at Paf between 21/1 and 30/1, you get access to the Golden Days and the opening of the gold mine. If you choose to participate, your job is to search for gold in the mine, and your challenge is to choose the way to raffle (either money or Vegas trip) by opting for the rail to the right or the rail to the left.

One of the rails will carry you straight into a black hole and you will miss your chance to be awarded a lottery ticket. The other rail on the other hand, takes you straight to the next stop in the gold mine. On the second stop, you will once again choose between two options. This time, you will opt for either the money prize raffle or the Las Vegas trip raffle.

What seems most tempting for you at the moment, a paid trip for two to Sin City or 100 Euros extra to put in your wallet? No matter what you prefer, you should head straight to Paf and participate in the Golden Days campaign.

Who knows? You might be next in line to choose the correct rail and pull a winning ticket! If you don’t win today, you will get a new chance tomorrow.

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