January 23, 2021

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PAF – €5 free + Bee Together – play together with other players

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PAF – Play Together

In the Bee Together lobby you’ll find beehives where you can play together with up to four other players. Choose one of the beehives and press the JOIN button, or just simply press the RANDOM button to join any beehive. The more players in the beehive the better.

Your built in advantage

By always playing in a full beehive you gain an advantage in two ways:

  • You’ll get to the bonus game more often because when one player makes it to the bonus game, everyone else in the beehive also gets to play the bonus game.
  • Your winnings in the bonus game are multiplied by the number of players in the same beehive.

To bee or not to bee? Come and catch the buzz with us.

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