January 20, 2021

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PAF – 50-year-old woman from Finland won 3.3 million euro jackpot

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PAF - 50-year-old woman from Finland won 3.3 million euro jackpot april 2014

Woman wins 3.3 million euros with Paf while cooking dinner

We are once again home to a super jackpot win

This time the 3.3 million euro jackpot was won by a 50-year-old woman from the south west of Finland. The woman scooped the jackpot on a slot machine at Paf while preparing dinner on Friday 4 April.

The jackpot of 3,292,926 euros was won on the slot machine Arabian Nights at about 6pm. The win is the fifth largest in Paf‘s history.

The overjoyed winner told us about her win: ‘I decided to put some money on Paf as a little Friday treat for myself. While the rest of the family sat and tapped away on their cell phones, out in the kitchen I thought it might be fun to play while I cooked dinner.”

The woman added that dinner on Friday tasted incredibly good afterwards and admits that her first night as a multimillionaire was a little bit restless. She also immediately chose to freeze her account at Paf after the win, which is just as we recommend.

We have been in personal contact both in congratulation and to offer her advice and support for the new life situation she faces.

Robert Söderdahl, Paf’s Marketing Manager, says: “We want money to bring happiness to our big winners. Therefore we always recommend that they obtain financial advice and that they remain anonymous. We also recommend that our big winners take a break from money gaming. Our aim is for all of our customers to feel they are playing among friends. So we try to keep in personal touch with big winners as long as there is a desire and a need.”

Paf has also held the world record for an online slot machine win since January 20, 2013. Our player won almost 17.8 million euros on the game Mega Fortune. The Paf world record is validated with a Guinness World Records certificate.

This is Paf’s 6th super jackpot in the past 3 years:

Mega Fortune20.01.2013€17,861,813.00
Arabian Nights23.11.2012€8,636,146.00
Mega Fortune18.01.2012€6,864,858.24
Mega Fortune21.02.2011€5,319,019.68
Arabian Nights04.04.2014€3,292,926.08
Mega Fortune22.10.2013€3,246,176,20
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