December 1, 2020

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PaddyPower €2,500 Goal Predictor

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€2,500 Goal Predictor

PaddyPower €2,500 Goal Predictor

The football season is back with a bang, and helping us all forget about those post Olympic blues! To celebrate in style we’re launching a €2,500 September Goal Predictor, where you can win massive cash prizes by predicting the goals in selected football matches this September!

The rules are simple – predict the goals and climb the huge €2,500 Leaderboard, plus get Cash bonuses for every correct prediction! For those of you who played our Euro 2012 Goal Predictor, you’ll know this is one footie game to shout from the terraces about.

How do I play?

  • Come in every day there’s a match, and predict how many goals there will be in the match
  • Get Leaderboard points depending on your prediction – the closer you are the more points you get
  • You’ll also get bonus points if you can correctly guess how many goals each team will score
  • Predict right and get a Cash bonus alongside your leaderboard points. The more you play on the day you predict, the more Cash you will win! This can be on poker or our casino sidegames.

Predict Now & Validate Your Prediction

Click the ‘Predict Now’ button below to register your predictions – there are 9 Premier League matches and 2 International matches to sink your teeth into this September:

Match 1 – 1st SeptemberMatch 2 – 2nd September
Man City V QPRSouthampton V Man Utd
Predict NowPredict Now

VALIDATE PREDICTION – In order to validate your prediction, you need to earn at least 1 Power Point OR wager $5

TWITTER BONUS – You can also get a one off points bonus if you tweet your answer using our Twitter Opt-in form. . You need to tweet before 22nd September to receive your bonus – all tweet bonuses will be credited on the 25th September

What can I win?

€2,500 Leaderboard – Predict the goals each day and rack up points to climb our leaderboard. The top 400 will win a share of the massive €2,500 prize pool!

Daily Cash – Predict correctly how many goals there will be and we will give you up to $50 per prediction depending on how much poker you play on the day of the guess. Get between 20-100 points and get $1, after that you get $1 for every 100 points you earn – now that’s value!

Daily PointsCash Reward
100-5000+$1 per 100 Points up to $50

Example – Earn 1000 points and Predict right, get $10 CASH.

25% Cash Back – You can also get cash back on your casino sidegame play if you predict the number of goals correctly. We’ll give you 25% back on your net losses, up to a maximum of $100.

Remember – it’s your total points on poker or losses on sidegames for the day that count, so if your prediction comes in it’s well worth hitting the tables after the match ends!


The leaderboard has over €2,500 in cash and prizes up for grabs, with the winner bagging €600 Euros. We are paying 400 places, so nearly everyone will win something.

1st€600 cash
2nd€400 cash
3rd€200 cash
4th€100 cash
5th€60 cash
6th – 11thFootball shirt of your choice
12th€40 cash
13th€20 cash
14th€16 cash
15th€12 cash
16th – 50th€8 cash
50th – 150th$5 cash
151st – 200th£/€5 Free Bet
201st – 400th$1 cash


  • You get points for predicting how many goals there will be in the match
  • You get penalty points for every goal your guess is wrong by
  • You get bonus points for getting it right
  • There’s also extra bonus points if you correctly predict how many goals each team will score
Scoring System
Each Valid Goal Prediction5 Points
Correct Goal Prediction1 Points
Wrong Goal Prediction Penalty-1 Point for each goal prediction misses by
Correct Score Bonus5 Points
One off Twitter Bonus10 Points

Click below and follow the instructions to Tweet and receive your bonus. Remember you need to opt-in first.

You Guess 4 goals in the game, and that Man Utd score 3 goals and Southampton score 1 goal: The actual score is Man Utd 3 – 1 Southampton. You get 11 Points; 5 Points for the guess, 1 Point correct goal bonus and a 5 Point correct score bonus

You Guess 4 goals in the game, and that Man Utd score 3 goals and Southampton score 1 goal: The actual score is 0-0. You Get 1 Point; 5 points for the guess and -4 for being 4 goals off.

Terms and Conditions

  • To validate your prediction, you must earn 1 Power Point OR wager $5 in casino sidegames on the day of the match
  • Predictions must be made before the start of the match
  • Any predictions made after after the start of the match will not be valid
  • The leaderboards will be updated the next working day
  • Points will be awarded as per the table in the ‘Scoring’ section
  • Cash back on poker and casino sidegames will be credited by 1pm the next working day
  • Maximum cash back on poker you can receive in a day is $50
  • Maximum cash back on casino side games you can receive in a day is $100
  • Power Points earned in the day are based on GMT
  • You must tweet by 23:59:59 on 21st September to receive your Twitter bonus
  • To receive the Twitter bonus, you need to opt-in using the opt-in form and post the tweet
  • You can only receive one Twitter bonus
  • Bonus Twitter points will be credited on the 25th September
  • You must login within 48 hours of the cash back bonus being credited, or the bonus will expire
  • Any prizes/cash won in the leaderboard will be credited within 48 hours
  • In case there is a tie between players in the Leaderboard, total number of predictions will be counted as the tie-breaker. If this is the same, total number of correct guesses will be the next tie-breaker
  • All decisions as made by Paddy Power Poker are final
  • Standard Paddy Power Poker Terms & Conditions apply

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