Mon. Sep 28th, 2020

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Paddy Power Whacker

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Paddy Power Whacker

Paddy Power Whacker

Paddy has been in Russia all winter growing a beard, chopping wood and running up snow covered mountains in preparation for the fight of his life! Unfortunately for us, after three months of training he has finally emerged fatter and slower than he has ever been… apparently he spent most of the time drinking vodka and chasing women – typical!

Welcome to Paddywhacker, your chance to get one over on the Paddy Power Poker staff!

Your Mission

Every Thursday at 8pm a member of the staff will take their seat under the screen name PaddyWhacker0 and your mission is to locate, humiliate and eliminate this poker know–it–all! Knock him out and you will be rewarded with a powerful pugilist’s purse of $100!

Double the Bounty!

Any player who knocks out the Bounty and goes on to win the tournament outright will have their bounty prize doubled to $200!

NAMEPaddywhacker Bounty
WHENThursdays @ 8pm
BUY-IN$10 + $1
TYPEFreezout Tournament 10 minute rounds
PRIZE* Standard Prizepool + Bounty Bonuses $100

*if you go on to win the tournament we will double your bounty prize to $200

Terms & Conditions

  • Claims must be made within 24 hours of the tournament start time
  • You must provide the hand ID to be eligible for the prize
  • reserves the right to refuse payment to any player found colluding/slow playing
  • All decisions as made by are final

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