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Paddy Power Step Sit ‘N’ Go’s – Step Your Way To Victory!

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Paddy Power Step Sit 'N' Go's - Step Your Way To Victory!

Paddy Power  Step Sit ‘N’ Go’s – Step Your Way To Victory!

You can step your way to victory at Paddy Power Poker with our Steps Sit ‘N’ Go’s. The Steps Sit ‘N’ Go’s structure allows you to bob and weave and move your way through the steps to win big cash prizes. What’s more, you can do this for the buy-in of just a few cents.

If you finish in first place for in one of the Steps Sit ‘N’ Go’s you can progress to the next step or play the same level of steps again and again, and all at the entrance cost of the first level. In addition to progress to the next step, since we are using “Flex Tokens”, you can also use your token to play other Sit ‘N’ Go’s or tournaments.

See below for a full schedule and plan your Steps to Victory!


Step 1

PlayersBuy-inFeePrize PoolPlacePrizesValue
10$0.15$0.01$1.501Tokens to Step 2$0.55
2Tokens to Step 2$0.55
3Tokens to Step 1$0.16
4Tokens to Step 1$0.16

Step 2

PlayersBuy-inFeePrize PoolPlacePrizesValue
10$0.50$0.05$5.001Tokens to Step 3$1.10
2Tokens to Step 3$1.10
3Tokens to Step 3$1.10
4Tokens to Step 3$1.10
5Tokens to Step 2$0.55

Step 3

PlayersBuy-inFeePrize PoolPlacePrizesValue
10$1.00$0.10$10.001Tokens to Step 4$3.30
2Tokens to Step 4$3.30
3Tokens to Step 3$1.10
4Tokens to Step 3$1.10
5Tokens to Step 2$0.55
6Tokens to Step 2$0.55

Step 4

PlayersBuy-inFeePrize PoolPlacePrizesValue
10$3.00$0.30$30.001Tokens to Step 5$11.00
2Tokens to Step 5$11.00
3Tokens to Step 4$3.30
4Tokens to Step 4$3.30
5Tokens to Step 3$1.10

Step 5

PlayersBuy-inFeePrize PoolPlacePrizesValue
10$10.00$1.00$100.001Tokens to Step 6$33.00
2Tokens to Step 6$33.00
3Tokens to Step 5$11.00
4Tokens to Step 5$11.00
5Tokens to Step 4$3.30
6Tokens to Step 4$3.30
7Tokens to Step 4$3.30

Step 6

PlayersBuy-inFeePrize PoolPlacePrizesValue
10$30.00$3.00$300.001Tokens to Step 7$55.00
2Tokens to Step 7$55.00
3Tokens to Step 7$55.00
4Tokens to Step 6$33.00
5Tokens to Step 6$33.00

Step 7

PlayersBuy-inFeePrize PoolPlacePrizesValue
10$50.00$5.00$500.001$215 Token$215.00
2Tokens to Step 7$55.00
3Tokens to Step 7$55.00
4Tokens to Step 6$33.00
5Tokens to Step 6$33.00

Available Tournaments For Each Step

Step 2$0.50 + $0.05$500GP Top Gear R/ADaily21:30
$0.5 + $0.05 R/ADaily13:10
$0.5 + $0.05 Turbo R/ADaily16:40
Step 3$1 + $0.10$1,000GP Daily Dollar R/ADaily19:30
$750GP R/ADaily13:50
$500GP R/ADaily08:45
$1.10 FreezeoutDaily17:55
$1.10 FreezeoutDaily23:35
$1 PLO FreezeoutDaily00:45
$1 PLO R/ADaily06:45
$1 R/ADaily04:30
$1,500GP Dragon R/ADaily12:15
$1,000GP Kylin FreezeoutDaily14:10
Step 4$3 + $0.30$1,000GP PLHDaily20:40
$3,000 RebuyDaily16:30
Turbo R/ADaily01:30
PLO RebuyDaily03:30
$400GP R/ADaily04:15
$3.30 RebuyDaily04:45
$1,500GP Speed R/ADaily12:55
$2,000 Speed RebuyDaily00:35
Step 5$10 + $1$17,500 GPDaily20:30
$6,000 GPDaily (except Mondays)19:30
Omaha Hi-Lo FreezeoutDaily21:20
PLO (10+$1) FreezeoutDaily21:50
$2,500GP FreezeoutDaily22:00
Hold’em Limit FreezeoutSunday00:15
$1,500GP FreezeoutDaily00:30
$1,000 GPDaily02:30
6 Player FreezeoutDaily07:15
$750GP RebuyDaily08:30
$1,000GP FreezeoutDaily10:30
$2,500GP RebuyDaily11:40
$1,000 GP FreezeoutDaily12:45
$500GP PLO RebuyDaily14:45
$10 Turbo R/AMon-Thu15:10
$8,000 GP R/ADaily18:05
$1,500 Omaha Hi-LoDaily20:15
Omaha Hi-Lo FreezeoutDaily21:20
$750 PLO Pixiu R/ADaily14:45
Step 6$30 + $3$6,000GP FreezeoutDaily19:00
$10,000GP RebuyDaily20:30
$30,000 GPWednesday21:45
$3,000GP Freezeout Double StackDaily20:30
$30 + $3 R/ADaily00:00
Step 7$50 + $5Paddy’s November 9ers Super SatWednesday20:00
$25,000 GP RebuyMon-Thu19:45
$2,000GP Double Stack Turbo FOMon-Thu22:25
PLO $500GPDaily20:00
$2,500GP Limit 7 Card StudSaturday23:40


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