Mon. Sep 28th, 2020

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Paddy Power Freddie Mays Bounty

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Paddy Power Freddie Mays Bounty

Paddy Power Freddie Mays Bounty

Where in the world is Freddie Mays?! As an international man of mystery, it is almost impossible to tell…..well apart from Friday nights at 8pm that is! That is because every Friday at 8pm Freddie is playing in his very special Freddie Mays Bounty tournament on PaddyPowerPoker, with a $100 price on his head.


Think you have what it takes to take Freddie down? We have our doubts, but should you accomplish this by some stroke of donkament luck, you take down the $100 bounty on his head AND get FREE entry to the following week’s game where you play as a second bounty with $50 on your head.

But before you get all excited, we can’t just let any Joe Soap in to play against Freddie, you’ll need the password. Lucky for you loose lips Freddie gives it away in his special PaddyPower blog every single week.

You can check out the blog HERE!

Freddie’s Special Caption Competition

Freddie loves a good picture and he loves a good giveaway, so if you can come up with the best caption for the pics posted each Friday to his blog, let us know on Twitter with #FreddieMaysCaption for your chance to win FREE entry to his bounty tournament!

Terms & Conditions

  • Claims must be made within 24 hours of the tournament end time
  • You must provide the hand ID you knocked Freddie or the second bounty out in to be eligible for the prize
  • reserves the right to refuse payment to any player found colluding/slow playing
  • All decisions as made by are final

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