January 22, 2021

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Paddy Power Fantastic Fridays

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Paddy power Fantastic Fridays

Paddy Power  Fantastic Fridays

We’re THE place to be on Friday evenings!

Paddy’s quite the party planner – he is busting out all the bells and whistles for our new Friday evening schedule! We’re throwing cash (at least $1,500 each Friday!) at a whole range of exclusive paddypowerpoker.com tournaments throughout the evening, from the Friday Freebies to the FreddieMays Bounty.

The highlight of the night is the Fantastic Friday $1,000 Added $10 + $1 freezeout – it’s choc-a-block full of value and the amount added each week is $1,000 MINIMUM, it could be higher!  You’d be crazy to start your weekend anywhere else!

Fantastic Fridays schedule:

3pmFriday $50 Freebie freeroll$50 added to prizepool
7pmFriday $200 Freebie freeroll$200 added to prizepool
8pmFreddieMays Bounty$10 + $1$150 in bounties, $100 added to prizepool
8.30pmFantastic Friday $1,000 Added$10 + $1$1,000 MINIMUM added to prizepool
9.30pmFreeroll$50 added to prizepool

Friday Freebie freerolls – 3pm & 7pm

You don’t need a bankroll at all to take part in the Friday Freebie freerolls and what better place to start your weekends! These tournaments are open to all paddypowerpoker.com players, the more the merrier. We’ve raided Paddy’s safe once again and are sure he’s more than happy to add $250 to the prizepool each and every week! We didn’t ask him, we just know he’d be ok with it!]

3pmFriday Freebie freeroll$50 added to prizepool
7pmFriday Freebie freeroll$200 added to prizepool

FreddieMays Bounty – 8pm

The FreddieMays Bounty boasts loads of added value – to begin with there is a tasty $100 bounty on the head of the main man, the myth, the poker legend FreddieMays! Check out his weekly column HERE; you’ll be capturing a major scalp when you knock him out! We’ll also pay your entry for the following week’s bounty tournament.

Why? Well, the bounties don’t stop at just Freddie! There will be a bounty of $50 on the head of the player who did the business the week before! If FreddieMays escapes your attention, why don’t you try to beat the man that beat the man! You can find out the target player’s nickname in the tournament description in the lobby.

We’re combining the best bit of two of our favourite tournaments; The Bounty Hunter and Paddy Whacker!

Finally, we’ll also add $100 into the prizepool, just so everyone can chase the extra cash even if they miss the target men – that’s a total of $300 added each week to the FreddieMays Bounty; it’s gonna be a riot! Freddie will be chatting to players in the Lobby Chat window throughout the tournament – stop by and say hello!

8pmFreddieMays Bounty $10 + $1$150 in bounties, $100 added to prizepool

Fantastic Friday $1,000 Added – 8.30pm

This is the first and ONLY money-added accumulator tournament out there – to ensure the prizepool keeps getting bigger and BIGGER, remember to play each week and tell all your friends!

We’re adding a MINIMUM of $1,000 (the equivalent to an extra one hundred players) each week, making paddypowerpoker.com the only place to play your poker each Friday…we just can’t help adding value for our players!

And now for the twist that will keep everyone coming back for more – for every 50 additional players over 100 that play the tournament, we’ll add another $500 to the prizepool the following week!

So if 150 players take part this Friday, we’ll add $1,500 the following week; if 200 players take part, we’ll add $2,000, and so on…so don’t forget to take your place each Friday evening!  See you on the tables!

8.30pmFantastic Friday $1,000 Added $10 + $1$1,000 MINIMUM added to the prizepool

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