December 5, 2020

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Paddy Power Bounty Hunter

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Paddy Power Bounty Hunter

Paddy Power Bounty Hunter

Defeat the bounty in this test of will and earn $100. I will also pay you into the tournament the following week where YOU will be the bounty, cue your second $100 windfall, deposited when you begin kicking donkey nuts. Survive as the bounty and you will reap all the rewards. Just to sweeten you up a bit if you really think you are the supreme hunter then win two bounty hunter tournaments in a row as the bounty and we will slap you with a $1,000 payday!


NameThe Bounty Hunter
WhenEvery Wednesday @ 8pm
Buy-in$10 +$1
TypeFreezeout Tournament 10 minute rounds
PrizeStandard Prizepool + Bounty Bonuses $100 + $100 + $11

The Rewards

This regular weekly tournament has a $10 buyin and a standard prize−pool with added extras.
  • Beat the bounty:   $100 Bonus + $11 Bounty Token for next tournament
  • Be the bounty:    $100 Bonus when you play the following weeks tournament
  • Reign Supreme:   Win two tournaments as the bounty and pick up a $1,000 Bonus!

Claiming your Payday

If you kill the bounty (fine knock him out of this tournament) then mail the gang at gaming HQ with the Hand ID that you clocked him on. The email address is If you are the bounty and survive do the same thing buddy it aint no cryptic crossword.


  • This pox party was my idea ok? So I preside over it man. If you try to cheat me I will cut your liver out and feed it to my poodle! Play fair man or I will get seriously judicial on your ass and trust me baby.. you don’t want that.
  • Claims must be made within 24 hours of the tournament end time. Claims outside that time may not be entertained.
  • You must provide the hand ID to be eligible for the prize. My guys don’t wanna search through your trash man ok?
  • Players will receive a $100 bonus + $11 tournament entry to the next bounty hunter tournament. If a player does not play the following bounty hunter tournament will withhold the second $100 bonus. In the event a player does not register for the following bounty hunter tournament. I will step in and kick your asses. Be warned!
  • You are bound by the terms of any bending the law will result in severe pain and humiliation.
  • One player, one account, no colluding, no coffee housing, no begging your opponents to let you win coz your close to the money or it is curtains dude, got it?
  • Have fun at this tourney people. Don’t forget that everyone is your enemy man. Don’t rest till they are cold as ice. Make me proud of you buddy!
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