January 22, 2021

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Paddy Power BackBet Side-Bets

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Paddy Power BackBet Side-Bets

Paddy Power BackBet Side-Bets

BackBet Side-Bets – The First Online Poker Side-Betting Experience

BackBet is an innovative side-betting application designed to make your on-line poker experience even more exciting. Whether it’s to keep you in play between hands or to double – or triple – the action with a side-bet on your current game!

Launching BackBet

To launch BackBet, simply click on the Backbet icon on the top right hand corner of the poker table screen. This will launch the BackBet application and attach it to your poker table. You will then have easy access to the BackBet game in order to place your bets quickly and seamlessly.

Side -Betting Options

During every betting round there is a different side-betting option.

  • Bet what your next pocket cards will be
  • Bet what the board cards will be
  • Bet on what your folded hand would have hit

The Bet button consists of five different parts:

  • The Side-Bet Icon: by hovering over the icon a tooltip will open and give you a description of the offered side-bet
  • Betting Ratio: This number is the multiplier for your bet to show you what you will win if your bet is a winner
  • Bet Amount: Shows how much money you are placing on the side bet
  • Win Amount: Shows the amount you can win with the side-bet
  • Bet Button: Once you have made your selection, click on the BET button to place your bet





Betting History

This feature allows you to view all of the side-bets you have placed during your session along with their outcomes. Simply hover over any of your past side bets and a window will open to provide you with the details of the game. The bets are colour coded depending on their type:

  • Green indicates your win and the amount of money you won
  • Red indicates your loss and the amount of money you lost
  • Blue indicates a ‘no show’ bet. This means that during the betting round something occured which resulted in the bet being cancelled. For example; a bet on the board cards when all players folded and no flop was dealt
  • Yellow indicates that the side bet was cancelled due to an issue that resulted in the bet now being received in time. For example; the player’s internet connection drops
  • Grey indicates that the bet is still pending and the result has not yet been determined




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