November 25, 2020

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One legged legend – Spinning waters – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

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One legged legend- Spinning waters CasinoSaga Boss

One legged legend – Spinning waters

Short characteristics
Excellent in: Ghost Pirates
His treasure: An antique pirate boat
Personality type: Killer
Tone of voice: rough and penetrating

Long Version

As a former pirate, One-legged-legend, looked for a sunny hidden place to live the remainder of his days. He discovered the Saga Islands, and he chose the most southerly located region, the Spinning waters. He brought his precious pirate boat, which he still uses for a sea tour every now and then.
The Saga Islands’ community received him without any prejudice, and thanks to his rough look and excellent performance in the Olympics, he is now one of the bosses.

One-legged-legend is an expert of Ghost Pirates game. So, in his region that is the game they play during the Olympics.
His rough look and penetrating voice scare most who reside on Saga Islands. If that wasn’t enough, he is a straight-up killer when it comes to casino games, so be careful if you beat him, because he doesn’t take well to losing.

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