December 3, 2020

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OLORIN – CasinoSaga – HEROES description

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OLORIN - CasinoSaga Hero


The wizard Olorin was born in Riddle City in the early days of Saga Islands. His father wanted him to become an entertainer, doing tricks for tourists downtown (which actually meant conning them from their money).

One day when his mother took him to play the region’s favourite game, “Secret Code,” she immediately discovered her son’s talent for the game. This game allowed Olorin to make full use of his cleverness and intelligence.

Olorin quickly became the casino champion of Riddle City at a very young age and was given the glowing wand that he always carries with him for good luck.

Olorin is a very friendly character. He loves to help other casino heroes out but also loves spending time by himself, practising or walking around the labyrinths of Riddle City.

Favourite game: Secret Stone
Weapon: Wand of light

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