February 25, 2021

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OKPay – E-Wallet

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OKPay - www.freespin.pl E-Wallet

Experience universal payment solution!

It’s a great chance to make your casino business more catching by accepting as much payment types as you can – to ensure greater choice of your gamblers.

OKPAY gives you instant ability to accept VISA, MasterCard, JCB, bank wire and money transfers, phone payments and various e-currencies – now you don’t need to create several accounts/clients in different payment systems, you can pay a tiny currency-exchange fee and withdraw the money the way that’s most comfortable for you (wire transfer, money transfer, OKPAY Debit Card, e-currency transfer).

Manage your funds and keep track of various transfers in a user-friendly interface.

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Fast Payments: OKPAY payment system allows money transfer performance from the casino to e-cashier with only one button-click;
Easy Cash In: There is always a threat of losing impatient players, providing them with various payment options is crucial, with OKPAY its only one button-click;
Non-Refundable Payments: There is an ability to receive payments only in OKPAY e-currency what is practically non-refundable*;
High-Level of Trust: The billing process is organized in the environment of convenience and guaranteed security for both players’ and owners’ sides;
Confident Payments: OKPAY was designed to decrease the high percent of declined payments that has become habitual for many online casinos;
Optimized Payouts: Cash out process optimization often becomes a key point in building players’ loyalty to your particular online casino;
No Boundaries: OKPAY Company service is available worldwide with practically no limit on transaction amounts and volumes;
Reliable & Secure: OKPAY account funds are securely protected with possibility of an additional authorization by entering the one-time password(s), sent via SMS to a customer’s mobile phone;
User-Friendly: Featuring an all-in-one user-friendly multilingual web interface.

* We reserve the right to investigate and revoke the payment in case of authorized government agencies or financial institutions legitimate request.

A few more reasons to start working with us

By virtue of the fact that casino games are all about the money, monetary issues represent that very reason for your players to return into your casino as patrons.

Multilingual With Worldwide Coverage!

OKPAY represents a unified payment gateway which support the majority of e-currencies and is based on a comfortable intuitively clear multilingual web interface.

Our website is available in 9 lanugages, among them are English, Russian, Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Estonian, Chinese, Thai.

Feature-Rich API

OKPAY provides a full-featured API that contain a variety of useful tools and instruments to facilitate integration to self-made market systems. There is literally everything you need to set up OKPAY on your website in a matter of minutes. If you will need anything extra, just let us know!


Just a pleasure!

OKPAY is incredibly convenient and simple payment system which is a pleasure to use!
Lots of cool and irreplaceable features that will max up your e-payment experience!

Proof: go to main page www.okpay.com » play the SUPER POWER OF OKPAY video ’till the end » click on the superhero in white shirt (:


Full Review


OKPay is a payment processor that I am starting to see more often throughout the PTC Industry.  The question remains whether or not it will be a good alternative to Alertpay and PayPal.


So far I have registered and been verified within 3 business days. The verification process includes a photo id, and proof of address (utility bill) along with verifying your email address and a short questionnaire.


This payment processor also has a referral bonus program and gives you several ways to withdraw your balance.

You can withdraw with:


  • OKPay debit card (Except for Bosnia & Herzegovina, Iran, Israel, Myanmar (Burma), Somalia, Serbia, Macedonia, and India)
  • Bank Wire
  • E-currency exchangers
  • and via “Contact”

You can add funds with:


  • Wire Transfer
  • MoneyBookers
  • LibertyReserve
  • AlertPay
  • WebMoney
  • PerfectMoney
  • Contact



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