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It’s official – Conor McGregor joins Team Betsafe

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Conor McGregor is a man that needs no introduction, although we’re sure he loves one!

A legend that has held not one, but two weight titles in the UFC simultaneously, a feat that is unlikely to ever be repeated. He is already thought of by many as the greatest UFC star of all-time, and arguably one of the greatest fighters in the world. ‘The Notorious’ is undeniably a superstar of epic proportions and we’re excited to announce that Conor McGregor has now joined team Betsafe!

It’s not only Conor’s unbelievable achievements within the Octagon that makes him the star he is, but his drive, ambition and fearless mentality that has seen him transform into a global sensation. Never afraid to step in to the lime light and bite off more than anyone expects him to chew, McGregor thrives on being the underdog and lets his passion overcome the odds.

When McGregor came up against Jose Aldo he ended Aldo’s reign as featherweight champion and handed him his first defeat in the sport in over a decade. History was made in only 13 seconds. That’s all it took for a knock-out and for McGregor to own the featherweight division. He then came up against Eddie Alvarez and again history was made. Conor wiped the floor with Alvarez to claim the lightweight belt and be the first ever UFC fighter to hold two weight belts simultaneously.

Here at Betsafe, history is also in the making with this incredible partnership.

With the same values and determination, anything can happen! McGregor joins our MMA sponsorships with Cage Warriors and several other fighters that are already signed up. We’re looking forward to giving you behind the scenes access to the prized fighter, exclusive promotions and once in a lifetime experiences. Stay tuned for more! In It To Win It.

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