October 22, 2020

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OddsRing signup bonus of $200

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OddsRing signup bonus of $200

Here at Oddsring we always pay full and there is no catch to your signup bonus.
How much: 200% of your first deposit amount up to $200 (or equivalent in your player account currency)

You will get it: in cash to your player account after you clear the ring points requirement. This is done automatically and your bonus is good to withdraw right away!
What it takes: score bonus amount in USD x 25 ring points – see calculator next right. You will be earning 1 point for every $1 won and every $1 lost. Every bet placed gets you closer, whether you win it or not, regardless of odds.

You make a first deposit of $50.
Bonus amount = 2 x $50 capped at $200 = $100.
So you need to score 100 x 25 = 2,500 ring points.
You bet $50 at 3.0 and win $100 -> 100 ring points.
You bet $50 and lose -> you earn 50 ring points.
You reach 2,500 points -> you get $100 in cash.
There is no time restriction and you may withdraw your balance at any time or deposit again and still claim it later – your ring points will not expire.


Your signup bonus of €200

If you open your player account in EUR, then you can benefit from a greater bonus amount of 200% up to €200.

It works in exactly the same way as the USD bonus, however 1 ring point stands to €1 of winnings or losses you make in sports betting.


  • Example:
  • You made a first deposit of €125.
  • Bonus amount = 2 x €125 capped at €200 = €200.
  • So you need to score 200 x 25 = 5,000 ring points.
  • You bet €50 at 3.0 and win €100 -> you earn 100 ring points.
  • You bet €50 and lose -> you earn 50 ring points.
  • You reach 5,000 points -> you get €200 in cash.


Welcome to the games

Sign up now and deposit to get your new player bonus in Games. Your prize can be up to €100 based on 100% of your first deposit amount (if your account is in EUR, otherwise maximum $100 or equivalent in your currency).

Did you register earlier and never took time to try out the games? No problem, you will be eligible for the bonus with the next deposit you make (since the bonus was active).

In order to claim the bonus, you need to wager it 40 times, that is make game bets for the total of 40 * bonus amount. For the purpose of this promotion, we will consider only slot games (e.g. your bets in roulette or video poker will not be counted as wagering for the bonus).

This bonus is independent of any other bonuses offered in Sports. It will be displayed in your player account next to the sports betting bonus and released to your balance in cash once your complete the requirements.

Please note that this bonus is limited to one person per family or household IP and we shall reserve the right to decline it in the case of abuse.

Frequent player program

Our loyalty program works in much the same way as that with most airlines. You will earn ring points with every bet placed just like you would miles with every mile traveled.

You will participate automatically from the moment you register your account. You will continue to gain ring points (see above how) on top of the points you have scored for the signup bonus. As soon as you reach one of the thresholds below, you can opt for a prize or cashback to your account:

Ring pointsPrizeCashback
10 000Digital photo camera$100
20 000Android tablet PC$200
50 00032″ LED TV$500
75 000Samsung Galaxy S4$750
100 000iPhone 5 64GB$1,000

  • Example:
  • You cleared the signup bonus with 5,000 ring points in your account – half the job done!
  • You bet €50 at 3.0 and win €100 -> you earn 100 ring points -> 5,100 ring points.
  • You bet €50 and lose -> you earn 50 ring points -> 5,150 ring points.
  • You reach a balance of 10,000 ring points -> digital camera or $100.
  • Email us which you prefer – and there goes your loyalty bonus!

Note: We will reserve the right to pay cashback in the event that delivery to your postal address is impossible or complicated for various reasons.

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