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NordicBet – Football €1.000.000 Jackpot 2014

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NordicBet Jackpot win 1,000,000 EUR from Brazil World Cup 2014

NordicBet – Football €1.000.000  Jackpot 2014 – World Cup Brazil

Predict the games and win big money!
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How to play

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What can I win?

You can win 1,000,000 EUR or the equivalent in other currencies, which is 9,000,000 SEK, 8,000,000 NOK, 800,000 GBP or 1,300,000 USD.

How do I win it?

By correctly predicting the outcome of all 48 matches from the Group Stages of the Brazil Summer Tournament – whether the final result is 1, x or 2.

Am I eligible to enter?

If you’re a NordicBet customer whose registered address relating to their account is in either Sweden, Norway or Finland, you can take part. In other words, if you’re eligible to place bets with NordicBet, you’re eligible to take part in the Jackpot.

How much, where and when?

It costs you 2 EUR / 20 SEK / 20 NOK / 2 GBP / 2 USD per ticket – or each set of 54 selections if you prefer. You can enter the competition a maximum of 25 times and you choose your selections below on this very page. You have until 19h00 CET on 12th competition. Any entries submitted after that will be voided.

Does the customer who comes closest win a share of the Jackpot prize?

We’re afraid not. The idea is that we want to give away a life-changing amount of money to the King of the predictions so this is an all-or-nothing competition. If there was to be more than one winner we’d split the prize equally amongst the winners.

For all the extra information regarding this competition please read our Terms and Conditions


All matches are in CET time.

48 matches need to be selected

Terms and conditions

  1. The Big Brazil Jackpot is a competition (the Competition) that offers Nordicbet customers the chance to win a cash prize of up to 1,000,000 EUR or the SEK/NOK/GBP/USD equivalent (the Prize). To win the Prize, customers must correctly predict the 1×2 outcomes of all 48 group matches, played between 12th-26th June 2014 in the Brazil-hosted international football tournament (the Tournament). This is an ‘all-or-nothing’ Competition meaning there is no Prize (or any other winnings) for the customer who predicts the most matches correctly; customers must correctly predict all 1×2 outcomes of all 48 group matches to win the Prize.
  2. The currency equivalent of the Prize in euros is 9,000,000 SEK; 8,000,000 NOK; 800,000 GBP or 1,300,000 USD.
  3. To be eligible to participate in the Competition, customers must have open Nordicbet accounts registered to their Finland, Sweden or Norway home address. Customers must place their selection by submission of a Competition ticket via the dedicated page to be eligible. The customer and his or her account must remain in compliance with Nordicbet general T&Cs (as an example only: if they win, Nordicbet will need to identify the customer for anti-money laundering purposes and this obligation stems from Nordicbet general T&Cs). Should the customer’s personal details (including but not limited to his/her home address) not match his/his her Nordicbet account details, the customer shall not be eligible for the Prize.
  4. No Betsson group employees, consultants or their family or household members, or any staff employed by any of the agencies involved in organising this campaign, can participate in the promotion.
  5. Any customers found tampering with another customer’s selections, hacking the Nordicbet system or fraudulently processing or changing their own selections will be automatically disqualified from the Competition.
  6. The entry fee for each Competition ticket is 2 EUR / 20 SEK / 20 NOK / 2 GBP / 2 USD. Customers must have funds in their Nordicbet account to cover the entry fee or their ticket will not be processed. Customers will receive confirmation of their ticket via the email address registered on their Nordicbet account once it has been placed and confirmed. Unless the customer receives said e-mail notification confirming that his or her ticket has been successfully processed and was submitted on time, the respective ticket will be voided and will not participate in the Competition. Consequently, any entry fees for incomplete or late tickets will be returned to the customer.
  7. In determining the results of placed tickets, we will refer to the FIFA website regarding the official final outcome of all 48 group matches of the Tournament.
  8. Customers can enter a maximum of 100 tickets from the time the competition opens to when it closes at 19h00 CET on 12th June 2014. If a ticket gets placed after this time, it will be voided and the respective entry fee will be returned to the customer’s account within 24 hours. For the sake of clarity, if a customer places more than 100 tickets, only the first 100 tickets will be deemed as valid.
  9. If more than one customer correctly predicts the outcome of all 48 group matches of the Tournament, the prize money will be shared equally amongst the total number of such customers.
  10. The winning customer or customers will have the prize money issued into their betting account over a period of 52 weeks, beginning July 5th 2014, in 52 equal instalments, in the currency the customer has chosen for their betting account. The subsequent 51 instalments will be paid every 7 days after the payment of first instalment. The Prize is cash, with no wagering requirements applicable to the Prize. The winner(s) of the competition, if any, will be announced on June 30 on the main NordicBet site.
  11. Nordicbet takes no responsibility for any taxes or taxation requirements related to or in connection with the Prize, including but not limited to withholding any taxes from the Prize, meaning that the winning customer alone is responsible for payment of any income, withholding or other taxes due on the Prize, if any.
  12. If any match out of the 48 group games is called off for whatever reason, and a customer’s ticket is still eligible at that time, the customer’s selection on that match will be deemed to have been a correct prediction.
  13. The winning ticket containing correct predictions for all 48 group games is not a multibet, and is only eligible for the prize referred to above, i.e. if you successfully predict the outcome of all group games you will receive the Prize (or a portion of it) but will not receive cash at the odds at which the selections won.
  14. By participating in the Competition, the customers grant Nordicbet an exclusive permission to use their name, character, photograph, voice and likeness in connection with reasonable PR, promotion and marketing of the Competition and the Prize, and waive any claims to royalty, right or remuneration for such use.
  15. Nordicbet reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this Competition at any time at its discretion. Nordicbet also reserves the right to void entry at any time if it feels said entry was made in bad faith. This would include, and not be limited to, examples of collusion between players and/or syndicates executed in a manner in which the Jackpot prize is guaranteed to be won courtesy of all eventualities being covered and where NordicBet has valid reasons to believe that a player or players didn’t act in good faith .
  16. All disputes concerning the Competition shall be resolved by Nordicbet at Nordicbet’s sole discretion.
  17. By entering the Competition, customers agree to be bound by and adhere to these Competition terms and conditions, and are also deemed to confirm their compliance with Nordicbet’s general terms and conditions.
  18. In case of any ambiguity regarding the interpretation of the terms and conditions, the English version of the terms and conditions will be considered the official one in the eventuality of any dispute
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