November 27, 2020

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NordicBet Casino In Bingo £1M Jackpots

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NordicBet Casino In Bingo £1M Jackpots

They say sharing is caring. And as people who care, we like to share.

That’s why, for a period of seven weeks, we’re removing a total of £1M from the Jackpots of 11 selected games in CIB and giving you the chance to win a share of it.

To be in with a chance you just have to play the featured Casino In Bingo game for each time period. For every £10 you wager you’ll receive a free ticket to the Jackpot prize draw for that time period. The more you wager, the more tickets you win and the greater the chance of winning a serious prize.

The featured game for the current time period is Zodiac Supernova. Is your horoscope for today predicting a big win out of the blue?

There’s a total of £50,000 to be shared around amongst 2,581 different winners for this time period. So your chances are looking good!

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