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MyBet XmasCards 2014

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MyBet XmasCards 2014

How can I win MyBet XmasCards?

Registration is not necessary, every player who places a bet during the promotion period (01/12/2014 until 21/12/2014) will be participating and is eligible to win our prizes.

Every 5th betting slip with a stake of 5€ or higher will trigger a mybet XmasCard. When being shown a XmasCard, players have to decide whether they want weekly winnings or XmasPoints. The higher the stake, the more XmasPoints or weekly winnings the customer will receive.

Players will climb higher up the leaderboard by collecting XmasPoints. The higher the position on the leaderboard, the more attractive the prize will be. All players having collected at least one XmasPoint will be rewarded. The main prize: €3000 cash + two tickets (including travel expenses to Berlin) to attend the biggest footballing event of 2015!

All weekly winnings will be credited to the player’s account on the following Monday.

Click here for more information about our prizes and the leaderboard structure.

Any further questions about myXMAS? Have a look at our FAQ’s or contact our support team should you not find the answer there.


This December, every 5th betting slip will trigger a XmasCard!

After submitting a betting slip, you will know whether you have won a XmasCard or not. The lucky customers will be given the option to opt for XmasPoints or weekly winnings. XmasPoints will add up each other and you will compete against other players.

The more XmasPoint, the higher you will finish in our leaderboard! We guarantee a prize for all players having collected at least one XmasPoints! The overall winner will be rewarded with €3000 cash and two tickets (including travel expenses to Berlin) to attend the biggest footballing event of 2015!

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