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Mrgreen – Flight to the Edge of Space in MIG 29 – Björn grand prize winner

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Back in January of this year, Mr Green put a plan into action to make Dreams come true for his Casino players by giving away weekly Dream prizes – from an African Safari and Diving the Great Barrier Reef to tearing up the race track in a selection of Aston Martins. But one lucky player would also be chosen to either take an all-expenses paid trip Around the World or brave dizzying heights in a Jet Flight to the Edge of Space… and the Edge of Space is exactly what our winner chose!

Tell me you’ve never wanted to be Maverick in Top Gun? Ah, I can hear the music playing now – Take my breath awayyyyyyyyy!

Today was the day of the flight; just Björn, a MIG 29: Fulcrum, an experienced Russian fighter pilot and a 70,000 foot drop!

Irena was Björn and Johan’s guide and translator for the day, an early pick up and they were off to Sokol military base for flight prep. Interesting fact, Sokol military base has been constructing fighter jets since the 20’s and at one point during WWII (World War 2), it was churning out one (1) jet every hour!

After a thorough medical exam, Björn met up with his pilot for a pre-flight briefing which lasted an hour. It was then time to gear up which included a fitting for a special high-altitude pressure suit and climbing into the cockpit of the jet that would very shortly be traveling at Mach 2+, that’s over 1500 mph!

I was so nervous but the instructor was cool and serious, it was like being part of a military mission and we were about to go into combat, but as soon as we took off my nervousness just disappeared… just like the ground!


Afterburners ignited, Björn’s trip to the Edge of Space began. The MIG hit supersonic speeds in a matter of moments and was 17km above the Earth in a matter of seconds.

I could see the curvature of the Earth, entire continents in the distance and just to my right, the darkness of outer space… absolutely mind-blowing and incredibly beautiful.

Then the crazy part started!

On the way back down the MIG did loops, barrel rolls and high speeds turns at full speed, the pilot gave Björn a once in a lifetime experience… we’re also sure that he was trying to make Björn black out from the g-force.

It was so amazing I just forgot how high we were and how fast we were going, at the edge of space everything just slows down but as soon as we started descending, speed was the least of my problems. I’ve seen air shows before but to actually sit in the plane and feel the g-force on my body as the plane twists and turns through the stunts… it’s like being run over by a car and I think I passed out at one point!

Actually you did pass out Björn and we got it all on video for everyone to watch very soon.

When the jet touched down, Björn looked a little worse for wear but a beaming smile made it clear that a lifelong Dream had come true and we had one happy Swede. It was then time to head back to the hotel for a little R&R.

Tomorrow, Björn gets a nice relaxing guided tour of the city (a nice slow tour of the city) taking in all the cultural sites before heading to the Russian capital – Moscow!

‘Dream a Little Green’ campaign winner, top gun pilot, Edge of Space Astronaut and most importantly, Mr Green player returns to Sweden; we caught up with Björn and asked him a few questions about himself and his recent Russian hiatus.

How long have you been a player at Mr Green?
Two or three years

What’s your all-time favourite slot game?
Halls of the gods, probably

Do you play table games? If so, what’s your favourite game?
Nah, I’m not very good at them.

When you found out that you won the trip to the edge of space, what was your reaction?
It took a while to sink in, that’s for sure.

Were you tempted to take the Cash?
No, never.

How did you choose which friend to bring along on this adventure of a lifetime?

There were a couple of options but I chose Johan because we’ve known each other for a long time and he´s a party kind of guy.

Your pilot seemed like an… “Interesting” guy, what were your first impressions of him?
He acted very professional but at the same time he was very funny. I liked him.

How did you feel when you climbed into the MIG-29 in your flight suit?
Nervous as hell! But also very excited.

What was the best part of the flight? The take-off? The view from the highest point? The barrel rolls on the way down?
The best part was definitely the view from 17 km altitude. The sky was a very dark blue, almost black. Below was white clouds. I felt very serene and had goosebumps.

What does it feel like to go 1700km/hr?
Well, there’s a bit of a disappointment I’m afraid. Since we were at a very high altitude there’s no point of reference outside your window with which you can measure your speed. I could see the meters going on mach 1.65 but outside it looked pretty much like we were still. Relativity sucks.

How long did the whole flight last? Did the time pass quickly or slowly?
About 30 minutes. At the end though, with the barrel rolls and loops, it felt longer.

You mentioned that you had a fear of heights. Do you think you’ve overcome that fear now that you’ve been higher than just about everyone?
Wish I had but I’m sure it’s still there. But I beat it, that’s what matters.

If you had the chance, would you do it again?
Nah, I’m gonna need something more extreme now.

After your extreme ride in the MIG-29, how was the flight back to Sweden?
Like a ride on a tricycle.

If you could sum up your entire trip in one word, what would it be?

Would you like to see more of these fun and adventurous grand prizes at Mr Green? If so, what other prizes would interest you?
There´s only one way you could top this and that’s with the Vomit Comet.

Do you play at any other online Casinos or is Mr Green the only place to play?
Mr Green is my man!

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