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MrGreen casino – 21/22.06.2014 – €3000 Big Bang & Lights Tournament

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MrGreen casino – 21/22.06.2014 – €3000 Big Bang & Lights Tournament


Voyage through the cosmic cash tournament this weekend and win an astronomical prize up to €3,000! Follow the glow of the fireflies as they brighten your way to the reels in Lights and win at the Big Bang


As the sun sets and the dusk rolls in, the fireflies are drawn to the glow of the lanterns lighting up the reels. Embrace the harmony and follow the glow of the reels as all your rewards will be illuminated.


In this spiritual successor to the popular slot Starburst, take a wondrous journey across time, space and the universe in search of the biggest multiplier of them all… the original Big Bang!


Played right now (ends Sunday at 23.00)
1st £ 1,596

2nd £ 399

3rd £ 279

4th. £ 120

Big BangLights

It is easy to participate. All you have to do is to play the game that is included in the tournament. Mr Green will discretely keep track of the ones participating. You must of course play for real and not for fun. The tournament instructions will tell you how many rounds you have to play in order to qualify. If nothing is defined you must play a minimum of 20 rounds / spin / hands with a minimum bet of € 0.20 on each round / spin / hand. If four different plays are included in the tournament you can spread your play across these games. It is ok to play only one and it is ok to play all games that take part.


The one with the highest score by the end of the tournament wins. You can follow the score on the “leaderboard”/score board which is published next to the play. If two or more players end with the same score, the one with the most rounds / spin / hands will win. The winnings are then deposited into your Mr Green account directly after the end of the game.


When playing a game included in the tournament you will find leaderboard/score board to the left in the game frame. The leaderboard shows the position in the ongoing tournament and you can see your position in relation to the other players. Players that have not qualified will be shown in italic. You can choose to see only qualified players by pressing the “Show only qualified players” button. Your own position and the number of rounds needed to be qualified are shown below the name list.

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