December 3, 2020

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Miranda – Saga City – CasinoSaga – BOSS description

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Miranda- Saga City CasinoSaga Boss

Miranda – Saga City

Short characteristics:

  • Excellent in: Diamond Dogs / The Glam Life
  • Her treasure: Her cat
  • Personality type: explorer and socializer
  • Tone of voice: picky and posh.

Long version:

Miranda is a city girl who adores her luxurious life and VIP tickets. Besides diamonds and expensive brands, Miranda’s only other big passion in life is the casino games. Together with her girl friends, she tried out most of the casino games, but of course she immediately identified with the Glam Life game. Her biggest treasure is a cute cat to whom she is extremely attached and who gives her good luck at the casino slot machines.
Miranda plays casino games to socialize, and she is sort of an explorer as well; she likes to discover every corner and every trick in the Glam Life while drinking expensive cocktails.
She is very picky and sophisticated; her way of speaking is posh. Often she looks down at the heroes of Saga Islands, as she knows she has power, money and treasures from being a Boss.

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