March 3, 2021

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LuckyDino sponsoring a Finnish superstar Kille Kujala

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LuckyDino has started sponsoring a Finnish bodybuilding superstar Kille Kujala


LuckyDino has started sponsoring a Finnish bodybuilding superstar Kille Kujala


Kille’s achievements

  • 2014 2:nd place Arnold Amateur Europe (heavyweight)
  • 2014 2:nd Finnish Nationals (heavyweight)
  • 2014 1:st Nationals qualifier Jyväskylä (heavyweight)
  • 2013 2:nd Finnish Nationals (heavyweight)
  • 2013 Arnold amateur Europe (dnp, under 90 kg class)
  • 2013 1:st Nationals qualifiers Jyväskylä (heavyweight)

We had a chance to interview Kille and heres some of his thoughts.

What is best in bodybuilding?
It´s the feeling when you know that you can push it beyond your limits and make your body even stronger every time when you just give all you got.

What does the sponsorship with LuckyDino mean to you?
I´m really honoured to get LuckyDino as my sponsor, it helps my career a lot because now I can focus on building a better package and I don`t have to worry about money so much. This is my dream come true to be honest, when I have a great company behind me helping me on my way to be IFBB Pro.

What are your goals in bodybuilding?
Like I said over there, my first step is to earn IFBB Pro card and then off course compete with all the best bodybuilders in the world at same stage.

How big is your arm?
About 53cm, but it`s growing all the time 🙂

Bodybuilders are well known of their eating habits. Which one eats more you or LuckyDino aka. Felix Fortunatus?
I bet I could eat Felix under the table anytime 😀

If you would win 100.000€ in LuckyDino how would you spend it?
First thing I would do is to take flight to Los Angeles and go train at the mecca of bodybuilding, Golds Gym Venice.

Next I would probably pay my loans off and just focus on bodybuilding for one year. I´m pretty sure I could improve my physique a lot and gain at least 10 kilos of muscle if I wouldn’t have do my usual to work as a trainer. So now I just play and try to be LUCKY 😉


LuckyDino wishes all the best to Kille on his way to achieve his goals. More will follow so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Join LuckyDino and Kille and claim your 7 free spins here!

PS. Here is Kille pumping some Iron:

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