December 1, 2020

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LuckyDino – GAME OF THRONES slot Raffle – Win 50 Free Spins!

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LuckyDino - GAME OF THRONES slot Raffle - Win 50 Free Spins


LuckyDino – GAME OF THRONES slot Raffle – Win 50 Free Spins!
★ Which House do you serve? Take the Quiz and get Free Spins ★




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The 4 Raffle winners will be announced at 12:00 CET on Friday on this post´s comments. The Free Spins will be credited as Bonus money and can be played before the winter comes


Which Game of Thrones House do you serve 01


1. If you were an animal, what animal would you be?
  1. A dinosaur, of course! And a lucky one!
  2. A noble deer, my ancestors were of noble descent.
  3. A mighty lion, I have a high self-esteem
  4. A big bad wolf, no mercy to the sheep!


2. Elections in your country are coming with four candidates competing for a presidential post. Your vote goes to?
  1. That young kid, he’s so charming!
  2. That hot lady. Enough said.
  3. That serious guy that never smiles. I want a strict leader!
  4. That handsome man with a noble face. He must be very honest!


3. What drives you?
  1. Honour and justice
  2. Wealth and power


4. You wanna pimp your car a bit. On the rear windshield you write:
  1. $$$
  2. Cool as Ice
  3. With Fury!
  4. Blood and Fire


5. You have a super important job interview tomorrow. What colour tie/handkerchief are you gonna wear?

  1. Red
  2. White
  3. Black
  4. Yellow


6. We all can be heroes just for one day. What’s your superpower?

  1. I have a witch as a sidekick, she does all the job
  2. I can fly and blow fire!
  3. My superpower is my wealth
  4. I can get into people’s minds and control them


7. You won a jackpot at LuckyDino, obviously you’re buying a dream house. What would it be like?

  1. A winter resort surrounded by a large wall protecting me from invaders
  2. I’ll by an army of mercenaries and conquer all the dream houses
  3. A castle with lots of princess-towers located somewhere on the coastline of a southern sea
  4. A dark den somewhere in the northern seas


Winter is coming 1st December. Get Lucky Free Spins now to testdrive the new slot.
My Result: You serve the House of TARGARYENYou’re a natural born Targaryen with grand plans and vivid tenacity! With your persistence you will achieve the desired heights.

Play the brand new Game of Thrones slot at LuckyDino starting December 1st and seize the riches of The Seven Kingdoms!


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