December 2, 2020

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Leon Poker Freerolls

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LeonPoker – What does freeroll mean?Freeroll – is a type of tournament in online poker, which is different from others, by way of not having to pay for taking part in them. Freerolls are as old as online poker itself. At the beginning of the formation of the online gambling industry, the poker rooms, that experienced the lack of players, attracted the attention of the few card game fans that where available at that time, that way.


Freeroll – for all the faithful players of Leon Poker, without exception. All that is needed for taking part is to wait for the registration to open and register.

Freeroll takes place in every first and third Thursday of the month in 20:00 Moscow time. The amount of participants is 750. The registration opens when 8 hours are left till the beginning.



This freeroll is for the players, who have already tasted the game, risking their money and have an amount of Leon Poker Points. Buy in for the freeroll: 20LPP (approx. $1 of the rake). If you don’t have LPP yet, do the deposit and begin playing for real money.

Freeroll takes place on every second and forth day of the month at 20:00 Moscow time. The amount of participants is 750. The registration opens when 8 hours are left till the beginning.

What is the advantage of the freerolls? To play poker for free – what can be better? All in all, the prize winners of such tournaments, as a rule, get monetary rewards. That way, freerolls are a free variant for any player. Firstly, because no one loses anything even if they are unlucky. Secondly, the free poker is a good chance to try out different strategies of tournament behavior and gain some experience.

How often do the freerolls take place? Can everyone take part? You can play poker for free permanently. Freerolls are hosted daily by many gambling portals. Though, we should mention, that, in fact, not all the freerolls are available for everyone and absolutely free. Some poker clubs in the network do not allow the freshest players to take part in the freerols, being afraid that those players are in fact professionals, that will take all the prizes and will not come back to the site, leaving it without profit. Also, some gaming portals do not allow the more experienced players to take part in the freeroll tournaments, protecting the newcomers from the fast defeat. The task of the freerolls is to give the newcomers the possibility to get interested in poker.

Are all the freerolls absolutely free for the participants? We should point out, that it is not always free to play in the freeroll tournaments, many of them have an entrance fee, even if it is small. As we already pointed out, the winners of such tournaments receive monetary prizes. The size of the prize varies from several dollars, to several hundred thousand dollars. The payout for the win on the typical freeroll is usually around a few hundred or several thousand dollars.

What do you need to do to try out your finesse in the freeroll. To play poker for free, it is enough to register on the card club site and open a personal deposit. Also, to get access to the free poker, the participants, in some cases, have to collect enough playing points.

Why the freerolls are such a popular kind of poker tournaments? All in all, the freerolls are a very useful and profitable thing for the gamers. Free poker – is a chance to develop your skills and make money without risk for your purse. In their own way the card playing sites of the internet do not lose anything by giving the clients the ability to play for free. Firstly, such tournaments attract many potential newbies. Secondly, they advertise the brand name of the establishment in a good way. Thirdly, the freerolls are more then covered by the increase of the amount of the permanent clients.

1. 250% up to $2000 First Deposit Bonus
Your first-time deposit will be rewarded with a bonus of 250% up to $2000, that is 250% of the deposit you made but maximum USD 2000 or equivalent in your account currency.

Important!A first deposit is the first transfer of cash to your poker balance – be that from your balance in Bets or any of the payment methods available in the Poker cashier.The bonus is instantly credited to your account as pending and will be transferred to your balance in the process of playing. It is released in chunks of $5 each (or equivalent). The bonus amount pending will be displayed in the “My Account” section of Cashier as shown in Fig. 1.

Fig. 1 – a bonus of $50 is credited to your account.

The total bonus amount, bonus validity as well as the LPP score needed to cash in the bonus, are displayed in the “Bonuses” section of Cashier (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2

The bonus is cashed out in equal instalments throughout the game – $5 will be released with every 300 points you score, which practically makes it the BEST FDB OPTION online.


2. Leon Poker Points (LPP)
You are going to earn bonus points as you play poker. These are called LPP – Leon Poker Points, and are necessary to achieve higher VIP levels and, in turn, better bonus rates. The LPP calculation schedule is shown in the table below:

Accrual through tournamentsYou will get 17 LPP for every $1 in tournament fees. Playing a $20+$2 tournament, for example, will give you 34 LPP.
Accrual at cash tables.
Hand’s rakeLPP gained
0.01 – 0.040.2
0.05 – 0.250.4
0.26 – 0.501.00
0.51 – 1.002.00
1.01 – 1.504.00
1.51 – 2.006.00
2.01 – 3.009.00
3.01 – 5.0015.00


3. Points2Cash Exchange
The LPPs you’ve accumulated can be exchanged for cash and instantly transferred to account balance whenever you like. Points2Cash– this couldn’t be simpler!

2 000$12 VIP 1+
5 000$50 VIP 2+
10 000$120 VIP 3+
20 000$290 VIP 4+
50 000$800 VIP 5+
100 000$1 700 VIP 6+

* – The cash bonus is granted in USD or equivalent in your account currency. The last column shows the VIP level required for making the Points2Cash exchange.You can exchange LPP for cash packages using Club Store in the poker client. The points will be deducted and the bonus will instantly be credited to your account balance. >


4. VIP Program
The VIP Program is yet another incentive to play and earn more – the higher your level, the better Points2Cash rate you will get! Regular play will increase your VIP standing and hence open up more advantages and special promotions enjoyed by the higher levels.The VIP calculation is done at the beginning of each calendar month based on the previous two months’ activity. Your poker activity is measured as LPP average in a 40/60 percent proportion. Suppose we calculated for March and you had scored 8’000 LPP in January and 10’000 LPP in February – the LPP Average would then be: 8000 * 0.4 + 10000 * 0.6 = 9200.

LPP AverageVIP Level
0-1 499VIP 1
1500-4999VIP 2
5000-9999VIP 3
10 000-19 999VIP 4
20 000-49 999VIP 5
50 000-VIP 6


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